Knee Walker Market Gain Impetus due to the Growing Demand over 2018 – 2028

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Growing incidences of knee injuries arising from sports accidents, automobile accidents and diseases and deficiencies from improper diets and lifestyles are anticipated to propel the knee walker market in the near future.

Rising Incidences of Fractures Among Sports Players to Sustain Growth of Knee Walker Market

Knee related ailments are common among all genders and ages. In addition, sports persons worldwide are increasingly at risk of knee injuries owing to high competition and lack of adequate rest schedules. This is particularly true in the sport of soccer where knee sprains and strains are very common, creating a massive market growth opportunities for knee walker manufacturers and traders in the soccer industry.

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In addition to this osteoarthritis is seeing a rapid rise among populations of all ages, owing to nutrient deficient diets, particularly in the Asia Pacific region owing to lower consumption of protein on an average in relation to people living in western nations, creating growth opportunities for knee walker markets in emerging economies.

On the other hand, U.S. U.K. and are the biggest knee walker manufacturing hubs. However, the influx of knee walkers from China are posing a threat to the U.S. and U.K. production markets. The recent trade tensions between the United States and China are also adding to the stress on the knee walker market. In addition a number of alternative knee treatments such as hyaluronic acid and prolotherapy are also anticipated to act as major constraining factors for the market.

Innovative Functionality Improvements are Primary Focus of Major Knee Walker Market Players

Cardinal Health, Nanjing Jin Bai He, and Knee Rover are some of the prominent knee walker market players. Designs are made to meet the needs of senior citizens and knee injury patients, through improvements in functionality to attract additional business.

  • KneeRover has launched a range ok all terrain light-weight knee walkers that can help knee injury and disease patients to navigate through all kinds of surfaces including, grass, dirt, sidewalks, etc. along with adjustable height, hand brakes, and steel components for enhanced durability.

Cardinal Health has also released a steerable version for knee walkers, which makes use of leg bench and a steering column that provides improved stability, collapsible frames, wide wheel base and contoured knee rest for stable positioning, vinyl pouches for storage, and an easy-to maintain design.

Medical Tourism to Propel the Knee Walker Market in the Asia Pacific Region

The rapidly rising medical tourism market in the Asia Pacific region arising from cost effective treatments, and protein deficient diets is anticipated to see a large target audience. Moreover, advanced healthcare infrastructure, favorable reimbursement coverage, and growing number of sports accidents are anticipated to impel growth of the knee walker market throughout the forecast period.

Rapid innovation and upgrades are also anticipated to create opportunities for growth especially in the emerging economies of the world. In addition the rising incidences of osteoarthritis in both older and younger populations are anticipated to strongly push up the market in the Asia Pacific Region.

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Segmentation of the Global Knee Walkers Market

Knee walkers can be broadly segregated on the basis of product type, industry application, and sales channel. On the terms of product type knee walkers can be divided into premium, standard and economy knee walkers. On the basis of industry application knee walkers can be categorized into knee walkers for kids and knee walkers for adults. On the terms of sales channel, knee walkers will be divided into direct sales from original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket sales through distributors.


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