How to Teach Writing to High School Students

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It is natural for parents to want the very best for their children. It is also natural for parents to want to help their children to develop the skills that will help them to achieve their goals.

Developing the ability to write effectively is one of the most important skills for students of any age to develop. More than two-thirds of salaried jobs require strong writing skills, so any student who fails to develop such skills will immediately find themselves at a disadvantage when it comes to finding a job in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Parents may be in a position where they’ve not written an essay in years, or in some cases have never written an essay and knowing how to help can be hard.

Do not despair! There are things that can be done to help students to develop the skills that they will need to succeed.

Watch videos

That’s right! Developing writing skills in a traditional sense can be dull, to say the least. However, if there is a specific area that the student is struggling with (for example strategies for how to plan or research an essay) then hearing an expert explain the process can be really helpful.


There are loads of great books which can help to develop essay writing skills. The ability to write great essays isn’t a mystery, it is just a process. Master the process and the ability to write great essays is massively improved. However, it is necessary to be selective in the books that are chosen. Many books that students read in schools are very dull and uninspiring. There are some publishers who specialize in creating more interesting books for students to use, which break down the process into manageable chunks and use an age-appropriate language. There is no point in giving your high school student a book about essay writing aimed at helping post-grads to develop their writing skills!


One of the big issues surrounding the development of writing skills is the isolation that it can bring. Like with everything else, practice is key to developing into a fabulous writing but it can be a solitary and lonely activity. That doesn’t have to be the case! Sometimes, practicing writing skills with a group of friends can be hugely beneficial to a developing writer. Not only does it make writing a social activity, but friends can bounce ideas off one another in a relaxed, friendly way that can sometimes be more difficult when a tutor is involved. However, choosing the right friends is really important. They need to be able to both challenge and support each other, so ideally they need to be of a similar level in terms of their writing abilities.

Make it a game

There isn’t any need for developing writing skills to be boring! Great teachers use games to help their students learn about new topics and games can also be used to develop the skills needed for effective writing. Grammar games, sentence structure, and vocabulary games are all available free online and are crucial in keeping interest maintained in essay writing.

Get a tutor

Essays are often written about very specific topics which require a certain technical knowledge or vocabulary. For example, an essay about using drugs to target specific cancer cells will need far more specialized knowledge than an essay regarding your opinions of a character in a novel. A tutor can help with all aspects of more technical essay writing, such as ensuring that the correct vocabulary is used, that the sentence structures are appropriate and that the whole essay correctly conveys the writer’s intention. The downside of a specialist tutor? They can be expensive! Sometimes, a general tutor can be used but these are often just college kids. Some tutors are ex-teachers and they can be really great because they know what skills students need and how best to develop them.

Essay writing service

A more cost-effective approach could be to use a legit essay writing service available online. If you are too busy, you can buy a custom-written paper on a topic of your choice or you can commission one to be written especially for you. This enables the student to very clearly see what a great essay in their subject looks like and it can be used as the basis for helping them to develop their own, unique style of work. The student can start by reading the work, then listing what it is which makes that essay great. They can then use this list to create an action plan of areas to work on to help them develop their own essay writing style. Having a task like developing writing broken down into really easy manageable stages can be a massive help to any student who is feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of writing essays.

So, who said learning how to write essays had to be hard? It’s an easy skill to develop and the rewards can be huge. Writing a great essay is just a case of following a process. Break that process down and tackle each step bit by bit, and soon essay writing will become second nature. The important thing is to be as supportive as possible. Acknowledge the difficulties but always refer back to the gains that can be made! Being a great writer can open so many doors and brings so many opportunities. Developing great writing skills can be a life-changing activity.

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