Automatic Dialer Market Share Set for Broad Growth by 2027

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An automatic dialer is used to maintain cost efficiency and high level of utilization of calls in a call center. Auto dialing can help lead generation and sales teams to increase efficiency. An automatic dialer is used to handle high engagement business calls. It is also used to direct text SMS or voice messages from an enterprise environment monitoring system to a user’s phone capable of receiving SMS or voice messages. Many small call centers are utilizing auto dialers. Automatic dialers are gradually being used in remote call centers, with the requesting qualities such as mobile applications integrated with the dialer to support employees working from home. Organizations also want to enhance the efficiency of call centers by using automatic dialers.

The automatic dialer is a single channel voice dialer and can be used with any device. The automatic dialer can be encoded to store numbers to dial. This automatic dialer also provides a recorded message for up to 16 seconds. The automatic dialer should be a self-reliant, solid state device.

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The automatic dialer software is highly reliable, secure, and scalable and is compliant with local laws and regulations and runs the call center with efficiently. An automatic dialer helps achieve the goals of an agent, customer service executive, sales manager, contact center manager, or IT/technical manager.

Contact centers have several campaigns for various processes such as following up and developing inbound leads, market research and surveys, and cold calling for lead generation etc. Manual dialing would not help in accomplishing the competitive targets. Using a manual dialer means the agent has to talk for around 15-20 minutes per hour. Automatic dialer software is commercially and operationally viable for a contact center as it increases the agent productivity and reduces idle time and consistently increases the talk time per hour. The automatic dialer automates the procedure of exchanging between outbound and inbound calling. It is able to control the speed of the call flow by balancing inbound and outbound calls by using various features such as variable dial ratios and call queuing.

These factors are projected to drive the growth of the automatic dialer market in the coming years. However, challenges in automatic dialers such as errors and cost of the software are projected to restrain the market in the near future. Nevertheless, an automatic dialer is used to increase efficiency and enhance productivity; hence, multiple call centers have the opportunity to adopt automatic dialer software.

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The global automatic dialer market can be segmented based on component, type, and region. Based on component, the automatic dialer market can be bifurcated into software and services. The software segment can be further categorized into on premise and cloud. Based on type, the automatic dialer market can be bifurcated into predictive dialer, progressive dialer, power dialer, and preview dialer.

In terms of region, the global automatic dialer market can be segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America. North America is anticipated to hold a leading share of the global automatic dialer market during the forecast period, due to the presence of global players in the region.

Leading companies operating in the global automatic dialer market include Five9, Inc., eTollFree, Newfies-Dialer, KOOKOO, Inc., PhoneBurner, Fenero, Inc., Talkdesk, Inc., Sales Sling, Inc., RingCentral, Inc., NICE inContact, XenCALL Inc., Enghouse Interactive, CenturionCares, Inc., Aircall, Inc., Aspect Unified IP, Inc., Twilio INC. ChaseData Corp., NewVoiceMedia, Inc. PureCloud, Inc., and Noble Enterprise. Companies are concentrating on launching innovative services to strengthen their position in the market and increase their customer base. They are also spending on research and development operations and concentrating on providing customized services.


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