Chemical Testing Services Market Trending Companies include Intertek Group Plc, Bureau Veritas, SGS SA, TÜV NORD AG, UL LLC

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Chemical Testing Services Market Analysis: The Chemicals Regulatory Compliance Testing Segment is Estimated to Account for More Than 25.3% Share of the Market by 2017 End, Which is Expected to Remain the Same by 2025 End

Chemical testing service is a service and analysis to aid companies develop and execute product testing strategies, so as to regulate a product’s defiance status with regards to material, to determine which elements require to be redesigned or replaced, and also to determine how new compliant materials and components will perform in the field. Chemical testing service is a crucial processing step for regulatory compliance and certifiers to apprehend the composition and quality of chemical materials and substances that are used in industrial processes, products, and the manufacturing any end products. Moreover, a chemical testing service requires proficiency in applying the most pertinent methodology and expert industrial knowledge, and also are the sources to advanced chemical testing services. Further, various kinds of chemical analysis are provided to ensure that products are adoptable with various regulations such as REACH, RoHS, and other chemical notifications. Further, for a few verticals such as agrichemicals, pesticides, or pharmaceuticals, there are different testing laboratories, including the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

The awareness of chemical testing services varies across different regions. Chemical testing service market players in North America and the Middle East have high a degree of awareness regarding the chemical testing services market, while in other geographies such as Africa and Asia, awareness is relatively low regarding the chemical testing services market.

The specialty food market is mainly driven by consumer trends such as allergen-free, healthy, and nutritional food products. North America consumer markets offer a varied range of impending opportunities for the specialty food industry. The chemical testing services market contributes a significant share to the specialty food industry, with high demand in a wide range of applications such as bakery & confectionary, staples, snack food, and many other. The increasing demand for specialty food, is, in turn, expected to drive the demand and growth of the chemical testing services market during the forecast period.

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Quality Audits and Demand Recalls are Receiving Publicity

Due to factors such increasing demand for chemical safety and quality control, growing demand for the outsourcing of chemical testing services, increase in manufacturers and TIC providers, partnership to strengthen the food security approach to encourage certifications, governments are subsidizing the cost of certifications, which is expected to drive revenue growth of the global chemical testing services market. The chemical testing services market is growing at a faster pace, as quality audits and demand recalls are receiving more publicity as compared to the past, making the response to them more sensitive and urgent. With chemical testing service providers requiring to conform to a variety of government-mandated requirements and regulatory compliances, they need to keep strict detailed product information and quality management. In addition, special materials, production techniques, and packaging requirements force manufactures to keep stringent control over their manufacturing processes. These regulations through government and regulatory bodies are boosting the growth of the chemical testing services market.

Collaboration with Private Certificate Agencies in the Chemical Testing Services Market

Moreover, chemical testing service and certification is a consumer goods and industrial manufacture-driven market. Hence, the involvement of government and regulatory bodies plays a major role in the development and growth of the chemical testing services market – inspection, certification, and auditing. In order to prevent consumer product-borne illnesses and fraudulent certification cases, chemical testing regulatory bodies are collaborating with private certificate agencies to boost the chemical testing services of consumer goods. The chemical testing services market is fragmented into in-house testing and third-party testing (outsourcing). In the era of industrialization and high awareness among consumers, companies are going through a diverse number of hurdles driven by the increasing difficulty in their testing processes, creating unparalleled levels of supply chain risks. Further, from increasingly decentralized manufacturing to multiple distribution channels with the release of immediate news in social media, the risks of doing business in an increasingly transparent global chemical testing services marketplace are escalating fast.

Government Emplacing Chemical Testing Services Market Regulations

Safety certificates are becoming obligatory in the international food market. Moreover, stringent chemical testing service regulations have been implemented in Eastern Europe by the EU, so as to serve the demanding consumer goods and industrial markets. The implementation of the bio-based content certification scheme, which is a European certification scheme, represents the initiative carried by Central and Eastern Europe towards chemical certification for the quality and safety of consumer goods. Owing to the consumer good manufactures’ and end users’ demand shift towards safe products from hazardous chemicals, there have been continuous innovations in the chemical testing services market and analysing technologies related to chemical trace analysis and nanotechnologies, which enhance the quality of the chemical testing services for various end-user industries. Manufacturers are adopting these technologies, which further eases the food safety certification process. In addition, chemical certification is deemed to be a priority by TIC (testing, inspection, and certification) regulatory bodies in Europe. With rising incidences of hazardous chemical-borne diseases, governments are emphasising upon chemical testing service regulations, so that manufactures will impose strict emphasis on the chemicals used in their end-user products. Hence, stringent chemical safety norms are expected to support the market growth of the chemical certification market.

Chemical Testing Services Market Analysis by Sample type

The chemicals regulatory compliance testing segment in the chemical testing services market is expected to be valued at US$ 9,429 Mn by 2025, and is projected to register a CAGR of 6.2% over the forecast period. Basic and industrial chemicals are mainly derived into large quantities, and are crucial constituents for products used by both, industry and end-use consumers. Basically, they comprise chemical raw materials derived from basic inorganics, petrochemicals, and intermediates for chemical testing service processes, thus, increasing the demand for chemicals regulatory compliance testing in the overall chemical testing services market.

In terms of value, the chemicals regulatory compliance testing segment in the chemical testing services market is anticipated to register a CAGR of 6.2% over the forecast period. The chemicals regulatory compliance testing segment finds application in consumer goods, environmental, and the manufacturing industry, primarily to perform auditing, inspection, testing, analysis, and certification.

Chemical Testing Services Market Analysis by Region

On the basis of region, Europe is projected to remain dominant throughout the forecast period in the chemical testing services market. The chemicals regulatory compliance testing segment is estimated to account for a higher market share of 26.6% in the European chemical testing services market by 2017 end. The increasing demand for chemical regulatory compliance testing, contamination detection and analysis, and material testing and analysis in the food and beverage, petrochemical, and manufacturing industries is boosting the growth of the chemical testing services market. The chemicals regulatory compliance testing segment is estimated to witness robust growth in the North American and APAC chemical testing services markets, driven by the increasing adoption of chemical inspection, auditing, inspection, and certification in these region, as the TIC (testing, inspection, and certification) market is growing rapidly in the consumer goods industry of these regions.

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Chemical Testing Services Market Competitive Players Outlook

Detailed profiles of the chemical testing services market providers are also included in the scope of the report to evaluate their long-term and short-term strategies, key offerings, and recent developments in the global chemical testing services market. The global chemical testing services market is dominated by Bureau Veritas S.A., Intertek Group plc, SGS SA, SCS Global Services, SAI Global Limited, AsureQuality Limited, UL Registrar LLC, TÜV Rheinland Group, TÜV NORD AG, and Aspirata Auditing Testing and Certification (Pty) Ltd.

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