Data Center Operating System (DCOS) Market Future Demand & Growth Analysis with Forecast up to 2024

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A data center operating system (DCOS) is an additional layer of the data center environment. It helps connect the physical and logical layers of the data center architecture. Due to the growth of storage requirements and security threats, data centers are designed with high levels of resiliency and efficiency in mind. DCOS helps create a single cluster of multiple data center nodes to optimize the data center management process. It also facilitates effective resource sharing and isolation across different areas of applications.

The growing need for virtualization management has increased the demand for data centers around the globe. Organizations require applications that run on a single system and data center operating systems cater to this need, which is anticipated to drive the market. It is essential for any enterprise to focus on the core business rather than the servers and systems installed. A sound data center operating system manages all the issues related to the servers and the systems allowing the business to focus on its core functions. The swift shift from the traditional to cloud-based data centers is driving market demand to a higher level. The adoption of the hybrid cloud format is also growing, leading to growth in the demand for data center operating systems. Data center operating systems are suitable for both public and private cloud infrastructure.

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Furthermore, the growth of big data technology is also viewed as one of the primary growth drivers for the data center operating system market. Businesses require unique data management solutions such as data integration and data arbitration, and these aspects have also given an boost to the adoption of cloud services. Advanced persistent threats (APTs) are posing a higher level of threat to data centers as they are omnipresent and can harm the virtual and physical layers of the data center. Advanced data center operating systems can look out for unexpected changes in the normal operations and make the necessary changes in the network traffic in case of a possible hazard.

Traffic rerouting could be done at both the physical and virtual layers with the help of data center operating systems improving the efficiency of overall data center management operations. Improved security mechanisms in the data center operating systems are expected to increase their popularity among enterprises. Furthermore, enterprises can manage their data centers from remote locations with the help of data center operating systems. Mobile and web-based devices can be used to control multiple operations under a sole management user interface (UI).

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Penetration of cloud services in different enterprise segments such as small and medium enterprises and large enterprises has increased over recent years. A number of industries are adopting data center operating systems, including banking and financial services, information technology, government, energy, and retail. The data center operating system market is divided into five segments according to region: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa (MEA), and South America. Some of the players engaged in the data center operating system market are Mesosphere, Inc. and Stratoscale.


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