Ellipsometer Market : Global Emerging Technologies, Top Key Leaders, Recent Trends, Industry Growth, Size and Segments by Forecast

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Some of the major players in the Ellipsometer market include Accurion GmbH, Horiba, Sentech Instruments GmbH, ULVAC, Inc., Filmetrics. Inc., Metricon Corporation, Nanometrics Incorporated, Falex Corporation, Biolin Scientific, and among others.

The technique of analyzing & measuring the characteristics of the film in a non-destructive and non-contact manner is known as ellipsometry. The device which is used for this purpose is called as an Ellipsometer. An Ellipsometer can measure the refractive index or thickness of single layer films such as oxides, nitrides and photoresists with high precision. For multi-layer films, characteristics of bottom layers as well as top layers can be analyzed. Ellipsometers are used for measuring films whose thickness is thinner than 300-400 nm or for measuring film structures with three or more layers. Ellipsometer has been regarded to be an accurate tool for thin film measurement and its popularity is rising.

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Ellipsometry is one of the powerful and well established tool for the measurement of thin films. This method is often used analyzing the dielectric functions of various substrates or multi-layered materials. With the help of ellipsometry, it is possible to measure the simultaneously the modulus and phase of the polarization components of the light. The commonly use light sources in ellipsometry are halogen bulbs or high pressure arc-discharge plasma lamps.  Spectrometer are relatively easy and they require no complex set up or sample preparations. They can be built with light-weight optomechanical components and have a relatively compact design. The can also be coupled to other systems such as vacuum chambers, chemical reactors or bioreactors.

The key players offering Ellipsometer are engaged in the development and introduction of innovative and advanced products into the market. They are focusing on the development of products which have advanced optical design, wide spectral range, and ensure fast data acquisition. Furthermore, the key players are also providing various software upgrade for the Ellipsometer for their existing models in order to enhance their performance. There is a significant competition in the Ellipsometer market across the globe.

The rising militarization in the semiconductor industry across the globe especially in the developing economies is expected to be the primary driver for the growth of Ellipsometer market. Additionally there have been significant advancements in the material research domains which calls for efficient, flexible analysis of materials. This calls for advanced instrumentation methods to carry out the desired material research. This factor is said to assist the market growth for ellipsometer market.

Furthermore, there has been a rising uptake of Ellipsometers by the thin film analytical labs as well as researchers from various field such as biology and medicine. This is expected to propel the market for Ellipsometers. However, the high cost associated with the Ellipsometer might hinder the growth of the Ellipsometer market. Nevertheless, the thriving semiconductor industry as well as the rising popularity of the ellipsometry method is expected to fuel the market growth in the coming years.

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The Ellipsometer has been segmented on the basis of type, application and geography. Based on the type, the Ellipsometer market is divided laser Ellipsometer and spectroscopic Ellipsometer. On the basis of application, the Ellipsometer market has been segmented into semiconductors, surface chemistry, optical and functional coatings, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, and others. As per geography, the Ellipsometer market has been divided into North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and South America.


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