Agriculture Tractors Market | A Complete Overview of Market Segments and the Regional Outlook of Waveboard Industry

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Agriculture tractors are an integral part of farming sector; it helps in sowing, irrigation, and harvesting. The demand for tractors is more in farming sector, although it can be employed in construction sector. The large pool of rural and semi-rural population is moving to urban areas, therefore there is a shortage of labor for carrying out functions like sowing, harvesting, etc. Thus, the demand for agriculture tractors market is increasing, owing to the huge expansion in the global agriculture tractors market.

New Marketing Strategies to Stimulate Global Agriculture Tractors Market

Recently, the Massey Fergusson tractors collaborated with Indian Bollywood celebrity Akshay Kumar to promote their tractors in the market. The motive behind promoting their brand with an actor is to resonate the strength and durability of the tractor with someone who is dynamic and powerful in his field.

  • This marketing strategy is likely to create trust factor among Indian farmers and strengthen bond between consumers and the company.
  • Massey Ferguson tractors are available in 100 countries with sales worth 2.5 million tractors so far.
  • These marketing strategies by top players in the market are expected to drive the global agriculture tractor market to expand in the upcoming years.

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New Product to Boost Global Agriculture Tractors Market

Tractor manufacturers Escorts launched new service early this year. They have added a button for 24X7 customer service in its farm range and power range tractors. In case of any technical glitch the users can just press the call button and the trained engineer will be sent to address the issue.

  • The objective of introducing such a feature is to remain in touch with customer to provide assistance as and when needed.
  • Such strategies are likely to create a customer delight and create an everlasting trust in the product and services. Thus, the global agriculture tractor market is predicted to expand in during the projected years.

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