Liquide Water Enhancer Market size and Key Trends in terms of volume and value 2017-2025

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Liquid water enhancer are products comes in small size containers of concentrated flavored liquid are designed to be mixed with plain water to give different flavor and taste to the plain water. Only a few drops need to be mixed in plain water to give flavor. Liquid water enhancers come in different flavors such as sweet or may be in fruit flavors, and colors, they also give different neon color to the plain water. These liquid water enhancers also come with added minerals and vitamins, and it is claimed to make us drink more water than that of plain water. They are sweetened with artificial or natural sweeteners and natural colors. Consumer demand for innovative beverages and similar products is fueling market demand for liquid water enhancers in the global marketplace.

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Liquide water enhancer market is segmented on the basis of its types as flavored water enhancers, energy water enhancers, and fitness drops and others. Among all types market segments flavored and energy water enhancers grab majority market shares of global liquid water enhancer market. Fitness water enhancer is another major market segment expected to grow at significant growth rate over the forecast period. Others segment comprises of products which include water enhancers with multi-functionality such as the combination of flavor and energy.

Liquide water enhancers market is further segmented on the basis of active ingredients in the water enhancers, as vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants, and sweeteners. The vitamins and electrolytes based water enhancer are the market segments grabs more than 50% share of global liquid water enhancer market. The majority of these water enhancers comes with natural colors, flavors extracted from fruits, vegetables etc. Lemon, coconut water, strawberry etc. fruit flavors possess higher market demand.

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The growing number of obese population in the Western countries, rejecting of fizzy energy and soft drinks due to health awareness and health issues associated with consumption of carbonated drinks. Thus, to avoid carbonated drinks consumers are preferring water enhancers as a healthy substitute. Further supported by attractive marketing, this has stemmed into a significant expansion of consumer base for health improving foods and beverages, globally. Also, growing number of health conscious consumers in developing countries like Japan and Singapore is another factor expected to fuel market demand in Asia –Pacific region. Even the changing consumer preference towards healthy flavored drinks has driven the water enhancer market. Lack of stringent regulations from regulatory bodies such as the FDA and ESFA are major restraints for the global liquid water enhancer market.


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