Control Unit Market for Electric Vehicles: Clear Understanding of The Competitive Landscape and Key Product Segment

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A control unit is an electronic system that controls the function of one or more systems of a vehicle. In an electric vehicle, there are several electronic and electrical components that are operated by the control unit. There are several control units incorporated in order to control different electronic and electrical systems such as engine, powertrain, brake, suspension, and battery. Several modern vehicles have up to 80 control units. Based on the data inputs available at the control units, they command the connected electronic components to function accordingly. Therefore, the central control unit is considered the brain of the vehicle. There are several sensors mounted in an electric vehicle in order to analyze different parameters such as battery temperature, engine speed, accelerating force, brake status, suspension, and powertrain functioning. These sensors provide the analyzed data to the control unit, which takes corrective action based on the data.

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The control unit is an integral part of an electric vehicle, as it helps the vehicle deliver optimum performance and efficiency. Demand for control unit is increasing rapidly due to the rise in demand for electric vehicles. Governments of several nations are imposing stringent emission norms in order to meet the Paris Climate Accord signed in April 2016. Increased concerns about vehicle pollution, rising global warming, government initiatives to reduce pollution, and decreasing electric vehicle battery prices with increased performance are fueling the demand for electric vehicles, which in turn is driving the demand for electric vehicle control units. Recently, several nations such as, Germany, China, India, and France, announced a ban on diesel powered vehicles that is expected to come into effect in the near future. This, in turn, is likely to boost the demand for electric and hybrid electric vehicles across these countries.

A major restraint to the control unit market is the chance of malfunction. Failure or malfunction is likely to occur, as the control unit is an electronic system, which is estimated to affect the performance and functioning of connected components.

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