Odour Control System Market Insights and Analysis for Period2017 – 2027

Press Release

Emphasis on Zero Liquid Discharge, Reuse and Resource Recovery

Water scarcity and the rising cost of freshwater intake for industrial applications to meet stringent effluent discharge regulations are leading to a shift towards Zero Liquid Discharge. Companies deploying Zero Liquid Discharge systems produce no effluents and are able to eliminate regulatory and permitting costs entirely.

Zero liquid discharge is a rapidly expanding technology useful in various scenarios, particularly in the chemical, oil & gas, and power generation industry. The primary objective of this technology is to reuse wastewater generated in different applications. This involves the installation of odour control and wastewater units to control odour emitted during this process.

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Odour control systems are installed based on the effluent type and the odour intensity. The plants may even require multi-layer or multiple odour control systems. In the municipal sector, there is a trend of resource recovery wherein wastewater treatment units use, recover, or sell organic solids, nutrients, minerals, or energy. The facilities are sometimes called water resource recovery facilities as opposed to wastewater treatment plants.

Potential areas for water recovery resource facilities are anaerobic digestion and nutrient recovery with a combination of heat and power. These facilities are the emerging hotspots for key stakeholders in the odour control system market.

Environmental Regulations Mandate Odour Control System Installation

Two decades ago, a few of the developed countries identified odour as a perilous factor and laid down specific control and monitoring regulations. However, countries that sought out rapid economic growth did not adopt them. Several standards pertaining to air quality control, emission control, and measurement methods of odour emissions were designed by international organizations such as ASTM E544-99(2004), ASTM E679-04, and EN13725:2003.

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Now even emerging economies such as China, India, Saudi Arabia, and Iran have imposed stringent regulations mandating installation of air quality monitoring systems at all new and existing facilities. Nonetheless, the norms specific to odour emissions are still absent in these advisories. It remains to be seen if these countries will follow in the wake of their developed counterparts.

Chemical & Petrochemical Segment Largest in Odour Control System Market

The chemical & petrochemical segment had a market share of slightly over 1/3rd in the global odour control system marketby application type in 2017 and is expected to gain 40 BPS over the course of the forecast period. A number of chemicals produce odorous compounds such as ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, ketones & aldehydes, pyridine, mercaptans, indole, amongst many others.

The air containing odorous molecules has to be treated to comply with environmental regulations and avoid corrosion. The chemical and petrochemical segment in the odour control system market is anticipated to have a value of almost US$ 315 million in 2017 and the segment should grow by 600 units in the decadal study.

Waste Treatment Facilities Critical Segment in Odour Control System Market

The waste treatment facilities segment has approx. a quarter of the odour control system market by application segment and could gain a massive 120 BPS, largely at the expense of food & beverage and other industries. Disposal plants and waste treatment facilities are a huge source of odour emission. Vapour and effluent from this source is of a different and unpredictable composition. That is why, the installation of odour control systems in these locations is absolutely critical. The waste treatment facility segment is estimated to push past a value of US$ 360 million and rise to 1200+ units by end 2027.

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