Chimney Caps Market outlook with industry review and global forecasts | Trends in 2019

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Prominent players operating in the global chimney caps market are Fireplace Essentials, Volko Supply, Chimney Cap Design, Reliance Mfg, HY-C, Chim Cap Corp, GLL, Chimney King, Stromberg, Beijing ShiTongWanDa, Olympia Chimney Supply Inc., Artis Metals Company Inc., and Suzhou Taigao.

A chimney cap is the covering for the top of a chimney and mostly includes a wire mesh. Chimney caps are also known as chimney toppers, chimney tops, or flue caps. Chimney caps help in preventing water or moisture from entering the chimney. The moisture can cause water to flow down to the attic or house as it runs down the brickwork and can damage the ceiling or walls. Chimney caps are equipped with crown, flue cover, and mesh which is installed on the flue located on the chimney chase. Furthermore, these caps prevent downdrafts which can cause the house to fill with smoke. Chimney caps are considered extremely beneficial in windy areas, since it helps the house to become more energy efficient. It prevents cold blasts of air from entering the home, keeping it warm. Chimney caps are also used in industrial applications with steam-generated boilers or industrial furnaces, whereas in residential applications, chimney tops are installed for warming the house or for house heating. Mesh netting installed with the chimney cap helps in preventing birds from entering into the chimney.

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Growing awareness regarding the benefits associated with the installation of chimney caps such as easy installation, affordability, and high adoption of these caps in non-residential sectors such as restaurants is projected to boost the growth of the chimney caps market in the coming years. In addition, industries utilizing boilers and furnaces install the chimney; thus they require chimney tops for covering the openings, thereby increasing the demand for chimney caps. Besides, chimney tops or caps include spark arrestors, which avoid the emission of burning particles on the roof and cause fire. Moreover, a stainless steel chimney top or cap has higher durability in comparison to other conventional covering, due to the ability of stainless steel to resist corrosion. Growing number of do-it-yourself (DIY) users coupled with ease of installation of chimney caps or tops is projected to boost the chimney caps market over the forecast period. Furthermore, installing chimney caps in commercial spaces and industries can avoid downdrafts from entering these spaces, making them highly energy efficient.

Chimney tops can become inefficient in some weather conditions and also requires regular maintenance. These factors are anticipated to hamper the growth of the chimney caps market over the forecast period. Similarly, governments of various emerging economies have implemented stringent regulations and building standards for installing chimneys. These regulations and standards explain the minimum criteria and principles needed to be followed for the proper functioning of the chimney or flue. Furthermore, building control approval is required for repairing and altering old chimneys and for building new chimneys. Such stringent building standards and regulations for chimneys laid down by governments is projected to restrain the growth of the chimneys market, and thereby the chimney caps industry. However, increasing developments in the residential sector and growing industrialization is projected to drive the chimney caps market over the forecast period.

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The global chimney caps market can be segmented based on type, application, distribution channel, and region. Based on type, chimney caps are segregated as single-flue and multi-flue chimney caps. Further, single-flue and multi-flue chimneys caps are segregated based on product into copper, concrete, stainless steel, and others. Stainless steel and copper are majorly used metals by chimney manufacturers, since they are durable in nature. In terms of application, the chimney caps market is segmented into residential, industrial, and commercial. Based on distribution channel, the chimney caps market is segmented into online and offline.

Based on region, the chimney caps market can be segregated into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America. North America is projected to acquire major share of the market in terms of revenue over the forecast period.

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