Military Computer Market – Top players are Cobham PLC, Esterline Technologies, BAE Systems, Getac Technology Corporation

Military Computer Market - Top players are Cobham PLC, Esterline Technologies, BAE Systems, Getac Technology Corporation

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Global Military Computer Market: Overview

Military computers are used in geospatial analysis, organizing sensitive military data, and controlling communications. The recent technological advancements have led to modernization in the defense infrastructure. This has led to a great adoption of military computers in several military operations, thereby expanding the market’s reach. The global military computer market is anticipated to witness steady growth during the forecast period owing to rising investment in the defense sector.

Global Military Computer Market: Notable Developments

Below are a few notable developments in the global military computer market:

  • Iris Automation Inc. has recently introduced Casia computer vision technology that enables unmanned aerial vehicles to detect nearby aircraft. This technology uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect probable threats and avoid collisions. It works in the same way as a human pilot would. Casia integrates artificial intelligence algorithms, and Swap in a computer that functions on machine vision camera. This is one of the major developments in military technology expanding the global frontiers of the military computer market. Iris Automation intends to use the same technology in drones to enhance its safety.
  • Curtiss-Wright Corporation launched rugged pre-integrated avionics computer. These computers are designed to be used in defense and aerospace systems constrained by cost, size, and power. These systems are Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) compliant and are extensively used for critical airborne applications. This solution considerably reduces the integration risks for DVE systems, mission computers, and others. This development has highly widened the scope of the global military computer market.

Prominent players in the global military computer market include Cobham PLC, Esterline Technologies, BAE Systems, Getac Technology Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, and L3 Technologies.

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Global Military Computer Market: Key Growth Dynamics

Rising tensions on border and the rise in terrorism are the prominent factors supporting the growth of the global military computer market. Moreover, high preference of wearable computers for fast communication of information during wars has increased the demand for military computers. This has led to the development of wearable computers that can sustain the harsh conditions in a warzone, thus promoting the market’s expansion.

Furthermore, technological advancements leading to the development of military computers with advanced processors has contributed to an expansion in the military computer market. Along with this, implementation of digital infrastructure in the defense industry has presented several opportunities for the market’s growth. Another factor fueling the market’s growth is increasing investment in military equipment and sophisticated security systems.

However, along with the drivers, there are few restraints that may pose a threat to the global military computer market. Factors such as high investment in the manufacturing of military computers and the risk of malfunctioning may cause an impediment in the market’s growth. Nonetheless, recent advancements in the software of military computers and the ability of these computers to identify friendly forces may offset the effects of the restraints.

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