Transparent Conductive Films (TCFs) Market Is Projected to Grow at a Substantial Rate by 2025

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Globalization and increasing disposable incomes of consumers across several geographies are influencing consumers to spend more on consumer electronic devices, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, smart watches, notebooks, smart television displays, smart automobile displays, and others. Transparent Conductive Films are critical components of many of these electronic devices. Transparent Conductive Films are thin, transparent, and electrically conductive, which are utilized as transparent electrodes in manufacturing of various displays, touchscreen panels, and photovoltaic cells.

Transparent Conductive Films are imperative constituents of most of the smartphones, smart watches, smart displays, as well as the solar panels extensively used nowadays. Transparent Conductive Films are in use since many decades, but the market for these films have experienced sluggish growth. Major reasons behind this slow growth were high cost associated, and complexity in manufacturing. Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) is the major material used in manufacturing of Transparent Conductive Films, but due to few of its crucial drawbacks the material was tending to slower the growth of overall market. With recent advancements in technology and adoption of advanced materials used, the Transparent Conductive Films market has started experiencing rapid increase in growth rate, in the last few years. Alternative ITO material such as Carbon Nanotubes (CNT), and graphene have changed the market scenario, creating multiple opportunities and opening various revenue pockets in the Transparent Conductive Films market, globally.

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Transparent Conductive Films Market: Drivers & Challenges

Transparent Conductive Films market has grown substantially in the recent years, due to surging population of high-end displays, smart phones, tablets, smart watches, and other smart electronic devices. Transparent Conductive Films find major application in these electronic devices, and increase in the number of these devices for both personal and commercial usage impacts the market positively. Also, increasing demand for touch enabled panels across multiple industries is driving the market for Transparent Conductive Films. In the recent years, manufacturing technology for Transparent Conductive Films has drastically improved in terms of flexibility, robustness, slenderness, limit in reflection, and increased power efficiency; which further is providing a traction to the overall Transparent Conductive Films market.

In the present scenario, ITO is majorly used material for preparing Transparent Conductive Films. But ITO has few crucial drawbacks such as, limited availability of indium tending to higher prices, and its limited environmental and chemical stability. In short term these drawbacks are expected to impact the Transparent Conductive Films market, till new and advanced manufacturing technologies are massively adopted. For instance, CNT based Transparent Conductive Films are experiencing significant adoption; and improvements in the mass production and fabrication process of CNT are resulting in competitive pricing to prevail in the market. But, further improving CNTs in terms of stability and electrical conductivity is bit challenging.

Transparent Conductive Films are utilized in electronic devices since four decades, and have seen several technological advancements, in terms of material used. Nowadays, CNT and graphene materials are being adopted by various Transparent Conductive Films manufacturers, because of the advantages they offer. In terms of application areas, the Transparent Conductive Films market is expected to experience considerable adoption in the manufacturing of solar panels, and smart glass or electro-chromic glass for smart windows.

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Transparent Conductive Films Market is segmented on the basis of material, and application:

Segmentation of Transparent Conductive Films Market, By Material

Indium Tin Oxide (ITO)-
– ITO is a degenerately doped n-type semiconductor material, and is the majorly used semiconductor material for manufacturing transparent conductive films. ITO contributes to the major portion of total Transparent Conductive Films material market in terms of application and revenues, but in the coming years is expected to foresee decline in the overall growth due to adoption of other alternatives.

Non-Indium Tin Oxide-
– Non-ITO material comprises of Transparent Conductive Oxide (TCO), conductive polymers, Carbon Nanotube (CNT), graphene, and others. CNT and grapheme are expected to anticipate significantly high growth rates in the forecast period.

Segmentation of Transparent Conductive Films Market, By Application

– Displays:
– Touchscreen Panels:
– Solar Panels
– Others

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