Sunflower Protein Market Professional Analysis and Forecast Opportunities to 2017 – 2025

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20% of protein is contained in the sunflower seed and this makes it a rich source of protein and one of the most important factors behind its Rising demand. The oil press cakes or the residue of the sunflower seeds which are left after the extraction of oil, contains up to 50% protein which is been used in animal feeds. Further processing and refining of this leftover is also a rich source of protein and used in human nutrition such as energy food products, dietary supplements, and also in immunity boosting medicine in the products. dusk, at every stage the sunflower plant is used as a rich source of protein. It is predicted that the global sunflower protein market will witness a healthy growth during the forecast period from 2017 to 2025 on account of their various health benefits and rising demand for protein-rich food.

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One of the key factors boosting the global sunflower protein Market is the rising demand for protein-based food supplements as well as growing consumer awareness regarding the benefits of plant-based protein. The easy availability of a sunflower crop across the world and it’s cost-effectiveness as compared to other plant-based protein sources is also the reason behind the growth of this market. With increasingly busy lifestyle and high level of stress among the people today, there is a growing realization of the need for consuming fortified dietary supplements which not only Boost energy but also offers immunity and enhanced protein diet. This realization and changing consumption pattern of consumers across the globe will fuel the growth of the global soundflower protein Market. One of the key trends within this Market is the rising demand for organically produced food products and dietary supplements.

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One of the key factors restraining the growth of the sunflower protein Market is the easy availability of animal-based protein sources, threat of substitute in the form of other plant-based protein sources such as soil based protein and genetically synthesized protein which are being used extensively in protein supplement and other food products.

In terms of source, this Market is segmented into conventional and organic. Of these, the rising Affinity of consumers two words organic health supplements and protein food will result in the organically sourced sunflower protein products to be in a higher demand than conventional source of sunflower protein products.By geography, the global sunflower protein Market is segmented into Europe, North America, Latin America, asia-pacific, and the Middle East and Africa. Of these the sunflower protein Market is witnessing high growth in North America and Europe on account of the growing awareness among the consumers regarding the health benefits of sunflower protein.


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