Rapid Unit Sales of Water Activity Meter to Push Incremental Revenues in the Global Market

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Water Activity Meter Market: Introduction

Water activity meter is a device used for the measurement of energy of the water in different systems globally. This water activity specifies the relationship between the saturation pressure of the pure water and the water vapor pressure of the product. The unit used by the water activity meter is denoted as ‘aw’ and is in the range of 0 to 1 aw. The water activity measured by the water activity meter is an important standardized indicator for product quality in the industrial production of materials. The use of water activity meter is finding increasing applications in the end user industries such as food & beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, oil & gas and tobacco amongst others. The term water activity should not be confused with chemically bound water of a product it has distinctive features. Presently, with the advancement of technologies the manufacturers have produced handheld, compact and digital water activity meters which are equipped internal memory to take automatic measurements with accuracy and in negligible time.

Water Activity Meter Market: Market Dynamics

The importance of water activity meter in the industrial sector has gained wide prominence as water activity influences several properties of a product such as chemical stability, enzymatic stability, microbiological stability, stability of the composition, protein and vitamin content, color, taste and nutritional value, texture, solubility, packaging, shelf life and storage. The water activity meter plays an important role in determining the product quality in various end use applications such as tobacco industry, industrial manufacturing, food industry, seed storage, cosmetics industry and pharmaceutical industry. The global consumers are demanding high quality products especially from the food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries, this factor is estimated to propel the use of water activity meters in the above mentioned end use industries. Presently, the increasing disposable income and growing spending power has triggered the use of high quality of goods and products and this in turn is projected to fuel demand of testing equipment such as water activity meter in the global market.

In this era of rapid industrialization, the positive technological development has created lucrative market opportunities for testing equipment such as the water activity meters in the global market. The further integration of digitalization with water activity meters is estimated to bolster the growth of global water activity meters market. The water activity meters nowadays are equipped with digital technology to measure the hardness accurately and precisely, which in turn is projected to inflate its demand over the forthcoming years.

The consumers have become more aware of the toxic and the hazardous products being used in the end use industries such as food & beverage and pharmaceutical and they are more concerned on their health and the protection of environment. In such condition the strong market players in the water activity meter market have been smart enough to introduce products which not harmful to human and the surrounding environment. The impact of the green movement to save our environment have picked up pace and this movement has been the key driver for the water activity meter market throughout the globe.

The shift between the commodity costs and prices, the increasing competition among the prominent players in the growing markets, high quality food & beverage, growing strength of private label brands, the food & beverage manufactures and suppliers are under high pressure. Thus, with the combination of growing demand and stringent regulation the demand for scientific verification of all these products for excellent quality has now become an industry standard & necessity. Owing to the aforementioned reasons the market for water activity meters is estimated to grow at a healthy growth rate over the forthcoming years in the regional as well as the global market.

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Water Activity Meter Market: Segmentation

Water activity meter market segmentation on the basis of operation:

  • Mechanical Water Activity Meter
  • Digital Water Activity Meter

Water activity meter market segmentation on the basis of end user:

  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics industry
  • Tobacco industry
  • Seed storage

Water activity meter market segmentation on the basis of distribution channel:

  • Offline Sales
  • Online Sales

Water Activity Meter Market: Key participants

Some of the prominent market participants in the global water activity meter market identified across the value chain include:

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
  • Rotronic AG
  • Neu-tec Group Inc.
  • Meter Group
  • CSC Scientific Company, Inc.
  • Pedak
  • Weber Scientific
  • Labcell Limited
  • Freund-Vector Corporation
  • Lennox Laboratory Supplies
  • Graintec Scientific
  • FREUND Corporation

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Water Activity Meter Market: Regional outlook

Latin America and Middle East are projected to open new opportunities for the water activity meter market over the forecasted period. Expansion of pharmaceutical & food industries in emerging economies, such as China, ASEAN countries and India is expected to be a key driving factor for water activity meter market growth in the Asia-Pacific region. Europe and North America regions are expected to hold prominent market shares, owing to growing automation in these manufacturing industries. DIY (Do-it-yourself) or in-house testing methods is becoming a trends in some countries as it saves a lot of cost of hiring the labor for the applications. The emergence of safety standards and the growth of all related global end use industries and increasing urbanization has created a good opportunity to water activity meter industry to increase their market globally. Developing economies are in the phase where there is a lot of research and developments are taking place. Hence, the growth and the opportunities for the water activity meter market remains positive for these economies over the forecast period.


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