Prepacked Chromatography Columns Market Estimated to Expand at a 8.4% CAGR through 2024

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Technology has been the biggest aid for development in healthcare. As new diagnostic and treatment methods come up, the pharmaceutical industry becomes stronger. This has a positive impact on the markets that support smooth operations of pharmaceutical companies. One such aiding market for pharmaceuticals is the prepacked chromatography columns market. They are columns containing chemicals which are used as filters. When a compound is passed through the column, the chemicals react with one or more elements on the compound. The unreacted portion of the compound is the resultant product, which matters to the end-user. This makes the market significant for pharmaceutical players as purity of drugs is an important criterion.

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The global prepacked chromatography columns market was valued at US$1.3bn in 2015, and analysts predict that it will attain a total value of US$3.3bn by the end of 2024. Given these figures, the prepacked chromatography columns market is expected to grow at a substantial CAGR of 8.4% during the forecast period. The growing consumption of the product, is also enabling players to scale up production, thus work on reducing cost. At the same time, new applications for prepacked chromatography columns are also emerging allowing players to expand operations and gain momentum. 

Processed Food and Thrust on Developing New Drugs to Drive Demand

Based on segments, the global prepacked chromatography columns market is classified into type, application, and end-user. The end-user segment is predicted to hold the highest share in the prepacked chromatography columns market, say analysts. The fast-paced lives of professionals and corporate employees has left little time with them to give attention to food. In order to save time, most people prefer consuming processed food and beverages. With growing consumption of packaged drinks, the demand for prepacked chromatography columns will also rise. They are used to purify products.

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In the pharmaceutical industry, the demand is equally high for prepacked chromatography columns. With stringency on ensuring quality of the drugs, pharmaceutical companies aim at high quality of the drug. Chromatography is one of the downstream processes used for purification of the drug compound. Hence, the demand for prepacked chromatography columns is believed to shoot up in the coming years.

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Strong Pharmaceutical Market Holds Promise for North America 

The pharmaceutical market is prominent in North America, and this forms basis for the region to be dominating the global prepacked chromatography columns market. Thrust on identifying new drugs for rare and new diseases and push from companies to develop new variations of existing drugs are some key trends. These factors are understood to augment the demand for prepacked chromatography columns. While the large volume of research activities might require laboratory grade prepacked chromatography columns, in pharmaceutical companies, the need will be more for industrial scale prepacked chromatography columns.


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