Warranty Management Systems Market is Projected to Witness a Steady Growth by 2022 | PTC, Inc., Oracle Corporation, SAP SE

Press Release
Increased demand for processes to improve product life cycle management and increase overall revenue of companies has led to the demand for improved warranty management systems. Rising technological awareness has encouraged population worldwide to automate their warranty claim management processes. In addition, technological vendors entering this market to fulfill the nature specific demands have increased the popularity of warranty management systems. Warranty management systems enable providers to offer services at the convenience of customers through its wide range of offerings.
Warranty vendors offer solutions through services and software. Manufacturers are at liberty to choose the option that suits best to their business requirement. With the increased penetration of Internet worldwide, the cloud based warranty management systems have gained increased adoption, globally. In addition, manufacturers benefit as they reduce losses on fraudulent claims and work towards improved product quality through efficient warranty management systems. External factors such as new entrants and increasing number of manufacturing firms across the world are expected to drive the growth of WMS market during the forecast period.
Warranty management systems can be accessed either through on-premise or cloud based software. Cloud based warranty management software have found increased penetration with ease of installation, saving on infrastructure cost, and ease of use. The on-premise warranty management software market held the largest share of the overall WMS market in 2013. With provisions for enhanced security and complete control options to the customer, on-premise warranty management systems strive to remain competitive in the market.
Warranty management systems, by deployment, can be segmented into private, public and hybrid cloud. and by application – automotive, industrial equipment, heavy machinery and equipment, HVAC, aerospace and defense, food and beverages, healthcare, communication equipment and others (office equipment, furniture, and apparel). In 2013, healthcare industry held the largest share in the overall warranty management systems market. Increasing demands for healthcare services and increasing number of aging population worldwide has led to increases transactions within this market segment.
Aerospace and defense seem to be gaining momentum with increasing demand for efficient ways to manage scheduling and streamlining tracking of inventory within this volatile industry. Automotive industry has found increased demand over the forecast period pertaining to the rise in disposable income and changing life style of people worldwide. This increase in production of automobile has led OEMs to incorporate WMS in order to balance supply and demand and meet customer specific quality of products.

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