Shoe Polish Market: Growing demand for liquid polish in urban areas is further expected to drive the growth of the market

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Shoe polish is a chemical product either in the form of waxy paste, cream, or liquid and is used for polishing and shining leather shoes in order to improve appearance and extend the life of the footwear. Shoe polish provides a waxy coating and a shine to leather shoes and helps in protecting it from water, moisture, and from becoming hard. The foreign elements quickly aid in degrading the quality of leather, thus affecting the overall quality of shoes. The wax and oil based shoe polish provides a waterproof protection to keep stains, oil, dirt, and other substances from getting embedded into the leather in the shoes. Today, shoe polish is manufactured using a mix of natural and synthetic materials, including dyes, turpentine, naphtha, and gum Arabic. Shoe polish prevents leather from absorbing water, allows for easy cleaning of the leather, covering of scuff marks, and provides flexibility to the leather.

The main drivers for growth of the global shoe polish market include increasing sales of shoes, increasing use of shoes by professionals especially sports footwear due to growing health concerns among consumers globally. Also, growing demand for liquid spray shoe polish and boot polish, and booming online sales and e-commerce have also led to the growth of the overall shoe polish market globally. However, due to the availability of fake replica of shoe polish products and greater demand among the consumers of shoe care products providing total shoe care is affecting the growth of shoe polish market. In addition, shoe polish contains toxic chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin or inhaled and this also affects the growth of the shoe polish market globally.

Although many shoe polish manufacturers are claiming their products to be non-toxic, many manufacturers still do not list their ingredients, which is creating concern among customers. Today, major brands are offering innovative ways to market their products to customers. These major brands are investing heavily in marketing campaigns especially through television advertisements. With the emergence of many local vendors, the shoe polish market has become very competitive. Growing sales of leather shoes and boots, and smart shoe materials that are resistant to oil, water, chemicals, dirt and other elements is creating new opportunities for shoe polishing manufacturers. Also, growing demand for liquid polish in urban areas is further expected to drive the growth of the overall shoe polish market.

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The global shoe polish market can be categorized based on type, product, end user, location, and region. In the global shoe polish market, the type segment can be classified into cream polish, liquid polish, wax polish and others. On the basis of product segment, the market can be categorized into shoe shine oil, shoe leather nourishing cream, shoe leather softener, and others. In terms of end user segment, the global shoe polish market can be categorized into household, commercial, and others. The location based segment can further be classified into urban and rural areas. On the basis of geography, the global shoe polish market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America.

The major players in the global shoe polish market are S. C. Johnson & Son, Granger’s International Ltd, C.A. Zoes Mfg Co, Harry Hoffman Company, Cadillac Shoe Products Inc, Fiebing, Griffin Shoe Care, Lexol, Tarrago Brands International, and TRG Shoe Cream among others. These companies are investing significantly in their marketing campaigns and increasing their presence both online and offline in order to increase their market share globally


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