K-12 IT Infrastructure Spending Market 2019 – Drivers, Outlook, Challenges and Growth Opportunities – Analysis to 2025

Press Release

E-learning is utilized by public K12 schools in the United States as well as private schools. Some e-learning environments take place in a traditional classroom, others allow students to attend classes from home or other locations. There are several states that are utilizing virtual school platforms for e-learning across the country that continue to increase. Virtual school enables students to log into synchronous learningor asynchronous learning courses anywhere there is an internet connection.North Carolinas foray into the cloud shows how K-12 institutions are realizing the benefits of remotely hosted and managed software. For example, the cloud provides an easier way for schools to perform disaster recovery and communicate with parents. A recent report found that 40 percent of schools use cloud applications to store data, and that they were experiencing 20 percent savings on IT costs as a result of moving assets to the cloud. By 2016, schools could be spending more than one-third of their IT budgets on cloud technologies. Market in researchmoz.us

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