Electronic Paper Display (EPD) Market is Expected to Grow at the Highest CAGR During the Forecast Period

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An electrically charged surface replicating the looks of ink on paper is called Electronic Paper Display (EPD). Electronic Paper Display is extremely thin and require power only when a new page is requested. The main use of the electronic paper technology is to ease and develop the comfort of e-book reading. During the recent years Electronic Paper Display (EPD) Market has grown with efficient advancements in the Electronic paper display devices.

Presently, the Electronic Paper Display market is in a phase of growth and expected to rise further by 2024. This is primarily because of the new applications of EPD in a wide range of outdoor and indoor displays such as digital signage, electronic shelf labels, and traffic lights.

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The rate of adoption of the technology seems to be high, especially in the developed countries, with United States leading the revenue generation.

The prime factors driving the growth of the Electronic Paper Display market are rising demand of ‘on the move information’, increasing number of electronic readers, and the development of easy to use display devices. Moreover, the added benefits of low power consumption seems to be crucial in propelling the global EPD market.

Global warming is a recent event of crucial importance which is attracting the attention of global audience. The main cause of global warming is the worldwide deforestation. With the rising public awareness regarding the importance of environment and the harmful effects of global warming, initiatives are taken to reduce the consumption of paper. And, since Electronic Paper Display is a close substitute of paper this is another important factor driving the global EPD market.

Although, despite of all the above mentioned factors, global Electronic Paper Display market is restrained by the fact that its growth is dependent on the worldwide consumer acceptance of the digital Content. The Electronic Paper Display (EPD) is mostly used in the Electronic reading devices and presently a decline in the e-readers market, has restrained the EPD market to some extent. The prime reason for such a decline is the increasing usage of smart phones and tablets. Tablets and smart phones are close substitutes to EPD (Electronic Paper Display), as they are also used for reading applications and documents besides having a host of other functions. Moreover, the prices of these smart phones and tablets are very competitive with respect to EPDs. This is a crucial factor holding the market back.

Furthermore, high manufacturing cost, electronic complexity, and low switching speed might hinder the growth of the Electronic Paper Display market. However, the rise in investment and a potential to explore virgin markets can be expected to provide avenues for the growth of the EPD market.

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The global Electronic Paper Display market can be segmented on the basis of application, technology and geography. By application the global E-paper display market can be categorized into mobile displays, wearable technology, public displays, retail, and Electronic book reader.

EPD is compatible with various other applications. Although, the main application of EPD is to provide comfortable reading. Moreover, the technology can also be used for in-store advertising and advertisement at public places. In addition, EPD (Electronic Paper Display) is also used for displaying public messages such as schedule for public transport. During the recent years the EPD is also being increasingly adopted by a large number of companies for products such as smartcards and wristwatches.

On the basis of technology the Electronic Paper Display market can be segregated into curve screen, foldable screen, bendable screen, and flat screen. The flat screen command the lion share of the market, segmented on the basis of technology, owning almost half of the maturity of the market.

In addition, by geography the Electronic Paper Display market can be segmented into Europe, North America, Middle East & Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. North America dominates the EPD market, as a high proportion of the population in this region are early adopters of the EPD technology.

The key vendors in the market are Plastic Logic (Germany), Pervasive Displays, Inc. (Taiwan), NEC (Japan), and Amazon.com, Inc. (U.S). Other major vendors include Seiko Epson Corporation (Japan), Samsung (South Korea), Qualcomm (U.S), LG (South Korea) and Delta Electronics (Taiwan).

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