Lasers In Semiconductor Market Size, Analysis, and Forecast Report 2018-2026

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Semiconductor lasers are made by semiconductor compound. Light amplification is being done by using active semiconductor materials in these lasers. Semiconductor lasers are rapidly becoming essential part of modern lasers based systems and replacing conventional lasers in range of applications. Semiconductor manufacturing relies on laser techniques for a range of applications.  This ranges from marking of wafers and marking and separating of completed components to defect analysis. Laser technology adds a value to the development cycle due to diverse features such as laser can cut, drill, bond, pattern, and measure. In modern era there are variety of laser technology which are being integrated into major semiconductor process, including laser drilling, cutting, welding/bonding, marking, measurement, driven by motherboards. They are being used in the processing of semiconductor devices, IC packaging applications and flexible and HDI PCBs.

The preference over other light sources and the surging demand for multiple applications can be the substantial growth prospect of the global market. The features like compact size and low cost of semiconductor lasers makes them an ideal choice for small electronic and optical storage devices such as CD, DVDs. The use of lasers in semiconductor manufacturing has witnessed the escalating M&A activities among the laser diode production with the target of enriching the portfolio with high-power and proficient lasers at low cost. The launch of 3D printers has marked the emergence of another revolution in the architecture and healthcare era by enabling enhanced 3D prototyping in the architectural and maritime segments along with the fabrication of prosthetic limbs and several other life-sciences applications. The initiative taken by surging government to the development of 3D printing for healthcare industry, thereby increasing demand of organ transplantation and shortage of donated organs are some of the factors responsible for the growth of 3D printing market and consecutively, the semiconductor laser market demand.

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Technology advancements, improved edge quality and operating speeds, lesser operating costs are expected to open a wide scope for the use of laser in semiconductor industry.

Global semiconductor laser market can be segmented on the basis of laser types, applications and regions. Based on laser types the market can be bifurcated into Blue laser, Compact disc laser, Red laser, Vertical cavity surface emitting laser, Fiber optic laser, High power diode laser, Violet laser and Green laser. From the commercial aspect the laser type with the dominance on global market are Fiber optic and high power diode. Based on application semiconductor laser market is diversified into Sensor, Healthcare, Lithography, R&D and Defense, Display, Printing and communication. Out of all these application communication segment is anticipated to dominate the global market. Region wise, the semiconductor laser market can be segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa and South America. The Asia Pacific reason is expected to dominate the industry owing to the increasing demand for the laser-based technologies, semiconductor laser diodes and solicitations.

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The collaborations to achieve advanced technology licenses have evolved as a major trend amongst the manufacturers that directly affects the sales generated along with the overall goodwill generated.

The global laser market is characterized by the existence of well-diversified international, regional and local vendors who are competing on the basis of product innovation, cost, service and support and performance. The small vendors which cannot compete using these strategies are adopting product differentiation strategies to compete with big players in the industry. The vendors are acquiring technology patents for the development of proprietary and innovative products. As per customer requirement they are providing customized laser products to build strong collaborative customer. The key industry participants include TRUMPF, Coherent Inc., Newport Corporation, SHARP CORPORATION, IPG Photonics Corporation, Axcel Photonics, Inc., ASML, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. etc.


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