Vortex Pump Market: Offline Segment Is Expected To Dominate The Global Market

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Vortex pumps are used to create vortex flow with a centrifugal pump which is fixed in a way that it is away from the path of the liquid. These pumps create circular motions around an axis which create pressure in order to direct the flow in the volute. Impellers which create such type of vortex are known as vortex impellers. Vortex pumps are widely used in a channel where there is risk of clogging, which generally happens when the liquid pumped through it has a high level of sand contents. These pumps are used in various industries, such as water treatment, chemical, metallurgical, mechanical, and others. Vortex pumps are generally used in high demand applications, such as industrial wastewater, where there is need of large free passages.

Vortex pumps are employed in a large number of applications, such as water supply, cooling, air conditioning, heating circulation, industrial liquid chemicals, seawater, oils solvent and process liquids, aquaculture, electrophoretic paint, and others. With the structure of high-rated flanges, cast steels, and stainless steel pumps, these equipment can also be used for high-pressure workings. Also, these pumps are fully supported by the inventory of spare pumps, which makes its use easier. Various factors such as growing industrialization, technology advancements in agriculture, and wastewater management are expected to increase the demand for vortex pumps, globally in the near future. However, vortex pumps face a tough competition from centrifugal pumps, which have a higher discharge pressure and thereby, covers larger spraying distance.

The global vortex pump market can be segmented into type of impeller, industry, distribution channel, and geography. Based on type of impeller, the market can be divided into open impeller, semi-open impeller, and closed impeller. On the basis of industry, the global vortex pump market can be classified into water treatment industry, chemical industry, metallurgical industry, agriculture industry and mechanical industry. In terms of distribution channel, the market can be bifurcated online channel and offline channel. The offline segment is expected to dominate the global vortex pump market during the forecast period. The agricultural industry is growing rapidly owing to increased mechanism. Online retail stores are likely to be highly attractive during the forecast period owing to rise in preference for online shopping since the last few years.

In terms of region, the global vortex pump market can be classified into North America (the U.S. and Canada), Asia Pacific (India, Japan, and China), Europe (the U.K., France, and Germany), Middle East & Africa (GCC and South Africa) and South America (Brazil). Asia Pacific, being an agrarian region, is projected to have lucrative opportunities for the global vortex pump market. In addition, the water treatment industry is estimated to contribute significantly to the global vortex pump market in the region as these pumps play an important role in water clogging removal and providing safe water quality. These pumps maximize the transfer of sludge in waters, disposed through household wastes such as showers, toilets, and sinks, storm water runoff, and industrial waste. These factors are anticipated to generate high demand for vortex pumps in the water treatment industry during the forecast period.

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Major players operating in the global vortex pump market are Grundfos, Franklin Electric, Wilo SE, EDDY Pump, Xylem, P D Pumps Ltd, AxFolding Holding AB, Emile Egger & Cie SA, Zoeller Company, PSG Dover, Pentair plc., and Apex Fluid Engineering Ltd. These players account for large share of the global vortex pump market, holding wide product portfolio.


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