Carbonyl Iron Powder Market Poised to Expand at a Robust Pace by 2025

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Global Carbonyl Iron Powder Market: Overview

Carbonyl iron powder Market is a kind of metal powder that has high activity, high purity, and fine particle size. The production of carbonyl iron powder can be carried out through two methods – the low pressure decomposition and thermal decomposition of metal carbonyl compounds which are generated in the reaction between carbon monoxide and metal. In the thermal decomposition process, azoimide is generally used as a protective gas to inhibit the disproportionation reaction of carbon monoxide. Therefore, carbonyl iron powder market contains a certain amount of nitrogen.

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The iron content in carbonyl iron powder is more than 97%, while the content of carbon and nitrogen is less than 1%. As carbonyl iron powder contains some impurities, such as Fe2O3 and Fe3N. The iron surface absorb CO and NH3 which gives iron powder high hardness. It is also called as hard powder. BASF SE is the inventor and the leading producer of carbonyl iron powder across the globe.

Based on grade, the global carbonyl iron powder market can be bifurcated into soft grades and hard grades. Soft grade is pressed to high densities using low amounts of binders. Due to high density, high permeability levels can be reached at the frequency of 5 MHz. On the other hand, hard grades reach lower density levels. Carbonyl iron powder Market shell structure strongly increases the resistance against current losses. Hard grades are suitable for high frequency applications above 10 MHz due to the low permeability and extremely low core loss.

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Based on application, the global carbonyl iron powder market can be classified into inductive electronic components, metal powder injection molding, diamond tools, microwaves and radar absorption and nutritional supplements. Carbonyl iron powder Market has unique microstructure and unmatched purity with outstanding magnetization behavior for electronic applications. Carbonyl iron powder Market is further used as an inductor core material in convertors for power supply. It is also used as noise suppressant in filter chokes. Carbonyl iron powder grades offer many advantages over cobalt binders. Carbonyl iron powder Market has exceptional fineness and homogeneity along with outstanding compatibility, which results in higher density and strength. Thus, Carbonyl iron powder Market is an ideal raw material in the manufacture of high quality diamond tools. Carbonyl iron powder is also used in microwave and radar absorption. Carbonyl iron powder Market has an excellent broadband application over a wide frequency range. The low average particle size of 3.5 microns covers the microwave skin depth of 1 – 2 microns. This can be used as an insulated material for microwave absorption.

Based on geography, the global carbonyl iron powder market can be segregated into Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. Currently, just a few countries are able to produce carbonyl iron powder in the world. These include Germany, China, the U.S., and Russia. Europe is the major region of the carbonyl iron powder market, led by the growth in the electronics industry in the region. Companies operating in the carbonyl iron powder market in Asia Pacific and Latin America are investing significantly in research and development activities.

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Major players operating in the global carbonyl iron powder market include BASF SE, Reade International Corp., Stanford Advanced Materials, Yuelong Superfine Metal Co, and Sintez PKZH Ltd. These companies hold significant share of the market. Thus, the tire derived fuel market experiences intense competition.


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