Diketopyrrolopyrrole Dyes Market to Register Substantial Expansion by 2025

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Global Diketopyrrolopyrrole Dyes Market: Overview

Dyes are colored substances applied in the form of an aqueous solution on various substrates. These are used as colorants in different industrial applications such as food processing, printing inks, wood stain, textile processing, and others. Dyes have high selective absorptivity for liquids as well as substrates as compared to other color-imparting materials such as pigments. Diketopyrrolopyrrole dyes is one of the water resistant dyes, which is considered as high performance pigment used in inks, paints, and plastics. Dye manufacturers have invested heavily in the development of diketopyrrolopyrrole dyes in other applications.

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Diketopyrrolopyrrole dyes being used in optical electronic performance of late. Diketopyrrolopyrrole dyes market has high stability to heat as compared to acid and base. The alkylation of amide groups improves its solubility. Dye companies have manufactured modified diketopyrrolopyrrole dye. This modified diketopyrrolopyrrole dyes market has high fluorescence and emission wavelength, which is adjustable by change in the aromatic group at three and six positions.

Global Diketopyrrolopyrrole Dyes Market: Drivers and Restraints

Phthalocyanine and perylene bisimide pigments are new generation pigments. These play an important role in many dye applications. Next to phthalocyanine and perylene bisimide pigments, diketopyrrolopyrrole dyes had significant impact on pigment-based organic semiconductors. The major usage of diketopyrrolopyrrole dyes market is in organic photovoltaic, which is primarily employed due to its excellent absorption properties in the visible range and a comparably small molecules. These small molecules afford better solubility as compared to isocyanine and perylene bisimide dyes. There are many advantages of diketopyrrolopyrrole dyes market in applications such as inks, paints, and plastics. The advantage of structural properties of diketopyrrolopyrroles dyes are the two amide and two aromatic groups, which allow the introduction of substitutes, as the former group. The structural properties of diketopyrrolopyrroles dyes helps to solubilized alkyl chains and the latter with substituents. These substituents have certain electronic properties that are used to tune the optical and electronic characteristics.

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Global Diketopyrrolopyrrole Dyes Market: Key Segments

Based on application, the diketopyrrolopyrrole dyes market can be classified into paints, printings, electronic devices, and others. Diketopyrrolopyrroles dyes is one of the recently discovered groups of organic pigments that has excellent advantageous properties such as its intense color, excellent stability, and low solubility. Diketopyrrolopyrroles dyes are adopted in numerous industrial applications. For example, diketopyrrolopyrrole dyes market are used as pigments in paints, varnishes, and high quality printing. It has also been discovered that diketopyrrolopyrroles dyes (DPPs) through N-alkylation, diketopyrrolopyrroles dyes (DPPs) can be easily transformed into very soluble dyes that exhibit strong fluorescence properties. Many researchers have written scientific reports that indicate that diketopyrrolopyrroles dyes derivatives can be applied as functional dyes in various sectors. Manufacturers of diketopyrrolopyrroles dyes are striving to enhance their products by utilizing advanced technologies for efficient removal of environmental and hazardous pollutants during the manufacturing process. Manufacturers of diketopyrrolopyrrole dyes market are likely to experience varied production costs due to volatility in the prices of raw materials.

Based on geography, the global diketopyrrolopyrrole dyes market can be segregated into Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. North America and Europe are the major regions of the diketopyrrolopyrrole dyes market, led by the growth in the paints and coatings industry. Companies operating in the diketopyrrolopyrrole dyes market in Asia Pacific and Latin America are investing significantly in research and development of dyes and pigments.

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Global Diketopyrrolopyrrole Dyes Market: Key Players

Major players operating in the global diketopyrrolopyrrole dyes market are BASF SE, Clariant AG, DIC Corporation, Sudarshan Chemical Industries Limited, Huntsman Corporation, Atul Ltd, and Cabot Corp. These companies hold significant share of the market. Thus, the diketopyrrolopyrrole dyes market experiences intense competition.


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