Fiber optics gyroscope Market size and forecast, 2017-2027

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Fiber optics gyroscope market: Overview – Firstly, Fiber optics gyroscope (FOG) was proposed in 1975 and uses optical waves which propagate in an optical Fiber coil to measure a rotation rate accurately. Fiber optics gyroscope senses variations in angle using the Sagnac effect. However, Fiber optics gyroscope principle is similar to the interference of light which has passed through a Fiber optics coil whose length can be 5 km long. Fiber optics gyroscope speciously simple design catches full advantage of the interchange principle in the propagation of light. Fiber optics gyroscope is widely used in Fiber optics gyrocompass which is a compass and navigation instruments. Other major applications of Fiber optics gyroscope is remotely operated underwater vehicles, autonomous underwater vehicle, and surveying. Fiber optics gyroscope is significantly used in inertial navigation systems of lots of guided missiles. The advantage of Fiber optics gyroscope is improved sensitivity, owing to increase in cavity length significantly and reliable, cost-effective, Scalable, easier fabrication and less complex in compare to ring laser gyroscope.

Fiber optics gyroscope market: Drivers and Restraints – Key driving factor of global Fiber optics gyroscope market is the significant increasing expenditure of defense across the globe. Moreover, global Fiber optics gyroscope market is majorly driven by the rapid rate of rising in automation in residence and industries and high demand of land surveying in civil engineering industries. The other main driving factors of Fiber optics gyroscope market are high demand of remotely operated underwater vehiclesand autonomous underwater vehicles. The micro economic factors which driving the Fiber optics gyroscope market are the rise in per capita income, changing lifestyle and increasing urbanization. The key restraining factor of Fiber optics gyroscope is high noise at the time of operation, and other major restraint of Fiber optic gyroscope market is govt. Regulations which affects automotive and civil engineering industries.

Fiber optics gyroscope market: Segmentation – Global Fiber optic gyroscope market can be segmented by end-use industry type, application type, sensing axis type and geography. Fiber optics gyroscope market is segmented based on end use industry type as follow:- Aeronautics and aviation, Defense, Civil engineering, Automotive; Fiber optics gyroscope market is segmented based on application type as follow:- Robotics, Homeland security, Remotely operated vehicle, Fiber optic gyrocompass, Inertial navigation system, Inertial measurement system, others; Fiber optics gyroscope market is segmented based on sensing axis type as follow:- Single axis, Dual axis, Three axis

Fiber optics gyroscope market: Segmentation Overview – Global Fiber optics gyroscope market segmentation is done by end-use industries such as aeronautics and aviation, automotive, commercial, civil engineering and widely used in defense industries. Among aforementioned industries, Defense contributes largest market share globally, owing to extensive use in inertial navigation systems for guided missiles. On the basis of sensing axis, Fiber optic gyroscope is segmented such as single axis, dual axis, and three axes. Another important segmentation of Fiber optic gyroscope market is done by application type includes remotely operated vehicle, Fiber optic gyroscope, robotics, land surveying for three-dimensional sight and widely used in homeland security purpose across the globe.

Fiber optic gyroscope Market: Regional Outlook – Based on the geographies, Fiber optic gyroscope market is segmented into seven regions – Eastern Europe Western Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific excluding Japan, Japan, and Middle East & Africa. Among the regions as mentioned above, North America accounts for the largest market share followed by Western Europe for global Fiber optic gyroscope market. It is estimated that APEJ market will have highest growth rate over the forecast period, attributed to increasing population. Overall, the outlook for the global mobility on demand market is anticipated to witness positive growth over the forecast period, owing to rapid growth of automotive and high investment in defense industries.

Few players of Fiber optic gyroscope market include:- Saab AB, EMCORE Corporation, Fizoptika Corp., iXBlue SAS , KVH Industries Inc., Colibrys Ltd. , Northrop Grumman LITEF GmbH, Nedaero Components , GEM elettronica, Optolink LLC

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