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Fertilizer Injection Pumps Market: Definition and Introduction

Fertilizer Injection Pumps are positive displacement pumps that inject dosages of fertilizers into an irrigation system. Fertilizers contain nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc, etc. that may not be available in sufficient quantity in the soil. These nutrients are critical for plant growth, however, over use of fertilizers has its own harmful effects. Fertilizer Injection Pumps help provide the right quantity of fertilizers to the plants, which is critical for the growth and health of the entire crop. Fertilizer Injection Pumps are installed with sensors and controllers which provides ability to regulate the volume and frequency of dosage. Fertilizer Injection Pumps are widely used for the injection of all types of fertilizers in an agricultural field. Fertilizer injection pumps inject the fertilizer does into the water line of a pressurized irrigation system, from where the water is distributed across the entire plantation using an elaborate system of pipes, sprinklers, sprayers, drippers etc. Fertilizer Injection Pumps provide reliable performance in rugged environments, with good quality pumps have lifetimes of nearly 10 years with proper maintenance. Fertilizer injection pumps can be used to inject liquid fertilizers directly, and for solid based fertilizers, a liquid solution is prepared in a tank which can be then used as stock feed for injection.

Considering these aspects of the Fertilizer Injection Pumps, the study of the trends and forecasts of the Fertilizer Injection Pumps market becomes an important read.

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Fertilizer Injection Pumps Market:Segmentation

On the basis of actuation type, the Fertilizer Injection Pumps market can be segmented as,

  • Hydraulic
  • Air Driven
  • Engine Driven

On the basis of injection type, the Fertilizer Injection Pumps market can be segmented as,

  • Simplex Fertilizer Injection Pumps
  • Duplex Fertilizer Injection Pumps

On the basis of motor type, the Fertilizer Injection Pumps market can be segmented as,

  • Single Phase
  • Three Phase

On the basis of end use, the Fertilizer Injection Pumps market can be segmented as,

  • Food Crops
  • Horticulture
  • Cash Crops
  • Other Crops

Fertilizer Injection Pumps Market:Dynamics

Fertilizer Injection Pumps market is projected to grow at a steady pace during the next five to ten years, given the ever present demand for efficient deployment of fertilizers in all types of cultivation. With increasing world population and limited cultivable land, the importance of fertilizer application has grown significantly. Fertilizer Injection Pumps help provide optimum volume of nutrients to the crops, thus protecting against wasteful application, which is harmful for the environment as well as for humans. Computer controlled fertilizer injection pumps with systems that accurately monitor fertilizer application can be seen a as a way to reduce excessive use of fertilizers. Efficient distribution of fertilizers through fertilizer injection pumps in the irrigation system also reduces costs and minimizes excess human contact with types of fertilizers that may be harmful for health.

Fertilizer Injection Pumps Market:Regional Outlook

Asia Pacific is expected to be a significant region for Fertilizer Injection Pumps market, as it is home to nearly 60% of the world’s population, and accounts for large scale cultivation of crops for self-sustenance as well as exports. Moreover, a large part of the population involved in agriculture in this region still uses traditional farming methods as well as traditional fertilizer distribution practices in farmlands, which creates higher scope for better penetration of mechanized practices such as Fertilizer Injection Pumps. Also, manufacturers of Fertilizer Injection Pumps can capitalize on the increasingly stringent safety regulations in Europe and North America, which are also key markets for Fertilizer Injection Pumps with much more mechanized and developed irrigation systems. China, India, US, UK, Netherlands are some of the key countries for the demand growth of Fertilizer Injection Pumps market.

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Fertilizer Injection Pumps Market:Market Participants

Examples of some of the market participants identified in the Fertilizer Injection Pumps market include,

  • Agri-Inject Inc.
  • CDS-John Blue Company
  • Morrill Industries, Inc
  • Inject-O-Meter
  • Sam Turbo Industry Private Limited
  • H.E. Anderson Co.

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