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Aluminum Alloy Truss Market- Rise in demand for Aluminum Alloy Truss across the World

Global Aluminum Alloy Truss Market: Introduction

Aluminum alloy truss are rigid structures made of aluminum beams. Aluminum beams when assembled in a specific order form rigid aluminum alloy truss. Aluminum beams are made from aluminum plates. These plates through a process known as casting are made into aluminum beams. In general aluminum plates are heavy-duty applications that are used in product manufacturing, transportation, military, aerospace and various other industries.

Global Aluminum Alloy Truss Market: Competition Landscape

Prolyte Group

Prolyte Group is a global manufacturer and marketer of aluminum alloy truss products for the global entertainment industry. In November 1991, Jan Hondebrink, Roel Steenbergen, and Fokko Smeding founded Prolite Products and Alucon whose name was later changed to Prolyte. The company is based in Pearland, Texas, the U.S. The company’s product portfolio consists of ladder truss, triangular truss, square truss, rectangular truss, folding truss, circular truss, standard corners, box corners, book corners, ground support, rigging towers, LED-wall support solutions, and tubes and accessories. The company not only sells aluminum alloy truss products but also provides project solutions to the aluminum alloy truss industry. The company has sales and marketing dealers across the world.

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Peroni S.p.a.

Peroni S.p.a. is a global manufacturer of aluminum alloy truss products. The company was formed in 1982 in Gallarate, Italy. Its product portfolio consists of square truss, triangular truss, flat truss, aluminum alloy truss accessories, etc.


Eurotruss is a global aluminum alloy truss manufacturing and marketing company formed in 1933 by Martin Kuyper in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. The company’s product portfolio consists of ladder truss, square truss, triangle truss, tubes, rectangular truss, folding truss, touring truss, plated truss, sound towers, LED bridges, etc. Apart from aluminum alloy truss, the company also sells stairs, safety railings, scaffolding integration products, top loader, front loader sound, dollies, barriers, hoists, rigging materials, and fall protection products among others. Eurotruss manufactures its aluminum alloy truss products in the U.S. The company has two offices in the U.S. and one in Germany. The South America aluminum alloy truss business is looked after by its U.S. office. The company has sales partners across Brazil, Europe, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, the U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, and various other places.

Global Aluminum Alloy Truss Market: Dynamics

Rise in demand for aluminum alloy truss across the world

Rise in demand for aluminum alloy truss is evident from the fact that Eurotruss, a global manufacturer of aluminum alloy truss has invested and is investing heavily in the establishment of new truss manufacturing machines, tools, and welding benches to keep up with the demand for aluminum truss in the market place. The entertainment industry is growing across the world. Rise in the number of entertainment events globally is increasing the demand for aluminum alloy truss.

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