Global Agricultural Salt Market Revenue to Witness Steady Growth Through 2028

The research report on ‘Agricultural Salt Market’ formulated by Persistence Market Research offers a detailed analysis of the factors influencing the global business sphere. This report also provides precise information pertaining to market size, commercialization aspects and revenue estimation of this business. The report further elucidates the status of leading industry players thriving in the competitive spectrum of the ‘Agricultural Salt Market’.

Agricultural Salt: Market Outlook

Livestock requires sodium, cobalt, and iodine on a daily basis to grow, body conservation, and for the reproduction process. Animals and humans both require sodium as an essential building block. Sodium in agricultural salt assists animals to keep the hold on more fluid and grow in weight. Animals will eat more and grow rapidly if agricultural salt added to their feed, which also improves the palate of the food. Agricultural salt used as a mixing salt or free-choice feeding. In livestock and poultry feed, where plants in most cases not able to produce a sufficient amount of sodium and chloride, agricultural salt plays a crucial role in fulfilling dietary requirements.

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Agricultural salt with cobalt and iodine will help livestock in synthesizing vitamin B-12 and allow the body to maintain its core internal temperature. It also plays a crucial role in intermediary metabolism, reproductive growth and development, and prevention of goiter. A condition most often found in young animals is a deficiency of iodine, which can lead to an enlargement of thyroid gland (Goiter). Calcium iodate specially formed salt produces necessary levels of hormones for proper growth by promoting proper thyroid gland activity.

The majority of the world population depends on livestock as a major food product. Agricultural salt assists livestock to increase in weight and as well as grow rapidly, which fulfill the demand of end consumer. Agricultural salt is a major trend in the market as it contains many ingredients which are necessary for feeding livestock to prevent them from goiter and as well as it helps in reproduction and development of livestock.

Agricultural Salt and its Properties:

Agricultural salt contains sodium and chloride, the essential nutrients as a component of feed for healthy livestock. Agricultural salt can also act as a feed limiter and used to produce less palatable nutrients. Also, sodium present in it increases the intake of grazed grass. Agricultural salt assists in refining milk yield from the grass. It helps in reducing the deficiency of magnesium in the blood as the cause of grass tetany and helps in minimizing somatic cell counts in milk.

Agricultural salt which contains sodium is widely used in a grazing land for beef and dairy cattle to stimulate appetite and minimize the need of topping pastures. To maintain the health of the livestock agricultural salt is added to fertilizer to increase the pasture sodium level.

Global Agricultural Salt Market: Segmentation

On the basis of source, the global agricultural salt market has been segmented as:

  • Sea Water Salt
    • Granada Coarse Wet Sea Salt
    • Fomento Coarse Wet Sea Salt
    • Granite Semi Fine Wet Sea Salt
    • Fine Wet Sea Salt
  • Soil Salt
  • Rock Salt
    • Rock Salt dry Type T-1
    • Dry Rock Salt IB Type F2

On the basis of product form, the global agricultural salt market has been segmented as:

  • Dry Salt
  • Wet Salt

On the basis of components, the global agricultural salt market has been segmented as:

  • Cobalt and Iodine Salt
  • Calcium Iodate Salt
  • Sodium Chloride Salt
  • Crystalline Solid Sodium Chloride Solar Salt
  • Sulfur Salt

On the basis of the livestock, the global agricultural salt market has been segmented as:

  • Poultry
  • Swine
  • Ruminants
  • Aquaculture
  • Others (Pet and Equine)

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Global Agricultural Salt Market: Market Participants

The key active market participants who provide fine screened agricultural salt and compressed block in the global market are Wynnstay Group plc, ICL Fertilizers Europe C.V., Ronthai Agro Co. Ltd., Magna Projects Limited, Iberpotash S.A., Zoutman, Cargill incorporated. Australia is a top manufacturer and exporter of Agricultural Salt.


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