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Rapid Unit Sales of Dairy Free Shortening Market to Push Incremental Revenues in the Market

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Market Outlook

Dairy free shortening is a kind of non- dairy alternative. It is non-hydrogenated and has zero trans-fat and cholesterol. Also, they are rich in taste and delicious. Dairy free shortening also cuts down the saturated fat without affecting the flavor of the product. It is a healthier substitute for canola oil. Dairy free shortening is used for cake decoration because it will not melt quickly as butter, so it’s a kind of good substitution of butter; it is used for frosting and icing of the cuisine. Dairy free shortening is mainly essential in baking as it ensures that the end product is natural to eat, shortening creates a wall between the gluten molecules and also stopping them from cross- linking when liquid is added. Moreover, dairy free shortening also enhances the freshness, volume, and keeping the quality of its product, as it has a low melting point. Dairy free shortening is made up of animal fat, or vegetable oil can be partially or fully hydrogenated vegetable oil.

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Increasing demand of dairy free shortening due to various application

Rapid growth, as well as changing the habit of consumer eating habits, bakery, and confectionaries product are more in demand nowadays. Dairy free shortening having interchangeable uses such as butter, margarine and they can also be used as improving the quality of food. Dairy free shortening not only consists of less cholesterol and trans fat but are also applicable as vegan alternatives. Due to westernized culture, there is a lot of change in the diet of people as they are consuming a lot of dairy product such as ice- cream, cake, pastries, pie crust, and bread. In developing countries, there has been an increasing shift towards inclined towards vegan diets, this is also the reason for driving the market growth of dairy free shortening. The aforementioned factors are boosting the demand for dairy free shortening.

Global Dairy Free Shortening Market: Key Players

Some of the key manufacturers and suppliers operating in the global dairy free shortening market are Groupe Danone, The Hein Celestial Group, The Whitewave Foods Company, Good Karma Foods, GraceKennedy Group, Blue Diamond Growers, Inc., SunOpta, Inc., Oatly A.B., Vitasoy International Holdings Limited, and Good Karma Foods, among others.

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Opportunities for Market Participants 

Owing to lactose-intolerance among individuals globally, people also started to opt for dairy free shortening product or diet. Due to changes in the dietary plans, people are suffering from more and more digestive disorder which has led to the increased consumption of dairy free shortening as dairy free shortening is rich in source of fibers which help in improving the gut-health of the individuals. Generally due to increasing health awareness and sustainability issues, consumers are increasingly opting for cruelty-free products such as meat and dairy alternatives, dairy-free shortening being one of them. Dairy free shortening consumption which is increasing day by day among millennial owing to various reasons such as ethical issues and, rising allergies to dairy products, treatment of animals, etc. The busy lifestyles of people which usually uplift them to use convenience products, as health and convenience are the priority of any consumers and due to which manufacturers are producing different flavored milk and other dairy free shortening or products alternatives with different flavors to meet the growing demand in a different region of dairy free shortening.



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