EDTA Tubes Market is likely to grown at a significant rate, due to high expenditure in healthcare by governments

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The global EDTA tubes market is projected to rise significantly due to increasing spending on the healthcare sector across the globe. The EDTA tubes acts like small tubular containers that are widely used across healthcare industry for blood donor screening, blood hematology determination, and immunohematology testing. The use of EDTA tubes is also seen in laboratories and other related sectors. In various EDTA tubes, K3EDTA is present, which is the liquid form of EDTA. Moreover, EDTA tubes are also used for serologic tests that are aimed to detect antibodies in blood. The demand for EDTA tubes is likely to grown at a significant rate, due to high expenditure in healthcare by governments in various regions and growing its growing use in understanding of a person’s immune systems.

The global EDTA tubes market is categorized on the basis of capacity, material, and end use. based on capacity, the global EDTA tubes market is segmented into < 2ml, 2 ml – 4 ml, 4 ml – 6 ml, and > 6 ml. Based on end use, the market is divided into EDTA tubes for health clinics, EDTA tubes for laboratories, and EDTA tubes for hospitals.

The report give the complete analysis about the EDTA tubes market. It covers various aspects affecting the market growth such as drivers, restraints, trends, and opportunities. The report also elaborates on the regional growth and focuses on the different countries that have the potential for EDTA tubes. It is segmented according to the various factors affecting its growth that are dependent on various facts and figures.

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Global EDTA Tubes Market: Trends and Opportunities

The demand for EDTA tubes is likely to expand due to increasing need for storage solutions made from high-grade raw materials for serologic tests. Another driver for the global EDTA tubes market is both the National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards (NCCLS) and the International Council for Standardization in Hematology (ICSH) chose EDTA as anticoagulant. Moreover, use of EDTA tubes helps in preventing blood clotting due to presence of irreversibly chelates calcium ion in EDTA tubes.

Global EDTA Tubes Market: Regional Outlook

Geographically, well-established healthcare infrastructure setup in countries like Canada and the United States has led North America a dominant region in the global EDTA tubes market. Thus, over the forecast tenure this region is projected to continue its dominance. As compared to Switzerland that spends highest on the healthcare sector, the total health spending by the U.S. has grown more than 30% coming up to US$ 10,300 that is higher than Switzerland. In addition, the demand EDTA tubes has also grown in Asia Pacific and it is estimated that in the next ten years this region will witness highest cumulative growth rate. This is because of growing healthcare investment in countries like China and India.

Moreover, sluggish growth is seen in countries in Latin America region that are still recovering from recession of 2015. However, countries in this region are expected to pick up pace post-20202, as the healthcare expenditure has grown. Thus, this will result in fuelling the EDTA tubes market. The Middle East and Africa are also estimated to witness sluggish growth over the forecast tenure.

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Global EDTA Tubes Market: Competitive Landscape

The vendor landscape in the report provides the vital information about some of the leading players in the global EDTA tubes market. To name some of the leading players in the market are Improve Medical Technology Co. Ltd., GPC Medical Limited, Integrity Products, Inc., and Becton Dickinson and Company.


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