EEG Amplifiers Market: Clear Understanding of The Competitive Landscape and Key Product Segments

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The global EEG amplifiers market is poised to rise at a steadfast growth rate in the years ahead. Electroencephalogram (EEG) amplifier magnifies bioelectric potential associated with neuronal functioning of the brain and can be used to carry out unipolar or bipolar EEG measurements. Electroencephalography is a common diagnostic tool for neurological diseases and disorders such as epilepsy and insomnia.

EEG technology currently used is not suitable to be used at point of care as it requires complex skin preparation procedures and inconvenient EEG data acquisition systems. Battery operated portable EEG amplifier integrates a set of skin screw electrodes and a wireless data link. The battery-operated amplifier comprises an instrumentation amplifier, two high-pass filters, two noninverting amplifiers, and a low-pass filter. It serves to magnify EEG signals more than 10,000 times along with high impedance, low noise, low weight, and small size.

EEG amplifier are ideal for point-of-care applications, especially during transportation of patients suffering from stroke or traumatic brain injury.

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Global EEG Amplifiers Market: Trends and Opportunities

Majorly fuelling the EEG amplifiers market is efficacy of EEG amplifiers for point of care applications. The amplifiers in an EEG machine work the same way as amplifiers in the home stereo system work. Typically, electrodes in an EEG machine are affixed to the scalp in order to pick small electrical brainwaves generated by the nerves. As the signals travel through the machine, they pass amplifiers that make them big enough for visual clarity.

INA118 instrumentation amplifier is first used for amplification of the EEG signal uses, which offers excellent accuracy. The amplifier comprises a high common mode rejection ratio and is able to magnify small signal difference in the range of microvolts.

After the first stage of amplification, a high pass filter is implemented to remove DC offsets. This is important for skin screw electrodes.

Global EEG Amplifiers Market: Geographical Outlook

Geographically, key regions into which the global EEG amplifiers market is classified are North America, United States, Latin America, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and Argentina. Some other regions into which the global EEG amplifiers market is classified are Europe, United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, Asia Pacific, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Philippines, Singapore, Africa & Middle East, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Germany, France, Spain, Netherland, China, India, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Africa, Turkey, and Iran

North America is a key region for EEG amplifiers due to an ultra-modern healthcare infrastructure. Increasing awareness about the availability of advanced treatment for neurological conditions is also a key factor behind the growth of North America EEG amplifiers market.

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Europe is a key market for EEG amplifiers. The presence of advanced facilities for treatment of neurological conditions and awareness among individuals regarding the efficacy of hi-technology based treatment bodes well for Europe EEG amplifiers market.

Asia Pacific is predicted to emerge as a key market for EEG amplifiers. Modernization of healthcare infrastructure in emerging economies such as China and India and rising awareness among individuals about the availability of advanced treatment for neurological disorders is stoking demand for advanced equipment. This, in turn is boosting the EEG amplifiers market in the region.

Global EEG Amplifiers Market: Competitive Analysis

Key companies operating in the global EEG amplifiers market include Natus Medical, Cadwell, Medtronic, EB NEURO, VEDENG, Nihon Kohden, Electrical Geodesics, Micromed, SYMTOP, and AD Instruments. Some other companies operating in the EEG amplifiers market include BioSeb, Mitsar, Mega Electronics, Compumedics, Medical Computer Systems, Moberg Research, BIOPAC Systems, ANT Neuro, Ebneuro, Mennen Medical, and Deymed Diagnostic.


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