Dental Impression Trays Market to Garner Brimming Revenues By 2027-end

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Global Dental Impression Trays Market: Introduction

Dental impression trays are defined as dental instruments employed to hold the material for impression in order to obtain accurate impression of the tissue surface in the oral cavity along with the teeth. These trays are used in prosthodontics and orthodontics to take an accurate impression of the teeth. Type of the tray is selected as per the required impression and the procedure to be performed. Stock metal trays are the most commonly used impression trays. A very few clinicians use custom impression trays for making impression in partially edentulous arches. The conventional practice in removable prosthodontics is to use stock trays for making primary and final impressions. The selected stock tray must cover the entire denture-bearing area in an overextended manner. Custom impression trays are used to carry, control, and confine the required impression material. Several lab technicians also feel the need to modify the primary cast prior to construction of custom impression trays. This may be due to inadequacy of several primary impressions to record the desired area of the mouth.

Global Dental Impression Trays Market: Competition Landscape

Den-Mat Holdings, LLC

Den-Mat Holdings, LLC engages in offering innovative products, education, and laboratory services to practitioners to help them operate more efficiently and produce exceptional purposes. The company operates in the market through its dental materials and products for use in dental practice, which are driving the company toward innovations and strategic acquisitions.

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Global Dental Impression Trays Market: Dynamics

Growing dental tourism in emerging markets

Growing dental tourism drives the global dental impression trays market. Dental tourism is rising at a significant pace to become one of the latest and most rapidly expanding industries within a larger sector known as medical tourism. Dental tourists can save up to 60% on their dental treatments. Restorative dentistry, on the other hand, offers higher savings of up to 85%.

Rising incidences of dental caries and other periodontal diseases

Dental caries and other periodontal diseases have traditionally been considered the most significant oral health burden across the globe. At present, distribution and severity of oral diseases vary across different parts of the world and within the same region or country. Dental caries is still a major oral health issue in most industrialized countries, affecting 60%–90% of school-going children and a majority of adults. It is also the most prevalent oral disease in several countries of Asia and Latin America. This factor, in turn, drives the global dental impression trays market.

Rising demand for cosmetic dentistry

Rising demand for cosmetic dentistry drives the global dental impression trays market. Cosmetic dentistry takes the concept of dental health to the next level. The venture into cosmetic dentistry has paved the way for enhanced and superior facial transformations. Other schools of thought attribute the increasing demand for cosmetic dentistry to increasing awareness about medical advancements along with conscious decisions to improve looks to enhance self-esteem.

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