Hand Dryer Market Analysis, Strategic Assessment, Trend Outlook and Business Opportunities

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Demand for cleaner restrooms is rising across the globe. Moreover, reduction in operation cost as compared to that of using traditional paper towels, is further boosting the demand for hand dryers across the globe. Among hand dryers, jet air dryers are more efficient, as compared to other types of hair dryers, and hence, the popularity of these dryers is increasing across the world.

Presently, the penetration of hand dryers is considerably less, as compared to that of paper towels, in restrooms across the world. Increasing popularity of eco-friendly hand drying products, such as hand dryers, offers significant opportunity to manufacturers in the global Hand Dryer Market. Paper towels are the dominant product used in restrooms across the globe, as the cost of these towels is lower, as compared to that of other cleaning products, and hence, they are highly popular and extensively employed. Hand dryers are relatively new in the market and lower the operation cost to keep a restroom clean in the long run. Hand dryers also help reduce the overall carbon emission in the environment and are more eco-friendly, as compared to paper towels. All these factors offer considerable opportunity to key players operating in the hand dryer market, as the penetration of hand dryers is increasing consistently not only in developed regions, such as North America and Europe, but also in developing regions such as Asia Pacific.

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Demand for jet air hand dryers is increasing in the global market. Generally, warm air dryers are slow, as compared to jet air dryers, consumer more energy, are expensive to operate and unhygienic. Generally, jet air dryers comprise a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, or other type of air purifier, which provides clean air to dry hands. Moreover, these hand dryers are more hygienic than warm air dryers. Thus, an increase in penetration of hand dryers across the world is fueling the popularity of jet air hand dryers in the global hand drying market.

The value chain of the global hand dryer market consists of raw material suppliers, assemblers, distribution network, and post-sale customer service market players. The prominent raw materials used in the manufacturing of hand dryers include aluminum, chromium, copper, galvanized steel, glass fiber, nickel, nylon, polycarbonate, synthetic rubber, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, and polyurethane. Assemblers are major players in the hand dryer market and they eventually, sell the hand dryer under their own brands. Various end-use industries that employ hand dryers include hotels, food processing and food service industries, QSR (Quick Service Restaurants), hospitals and facilities in the public transportation stations such as railway terminals, bus terminals, air ports, etc. Aftersales service, regular repair, and maintenance are required by various end-use industries employing hand dryers.

The report provides a decisive view of the global hand dryer market by segmenting it in terms of product type and end-user. In terms of product type, the global hand dryer market has been classified into warm air dryers (WAD) and jet air dryers (JAD). In terms of end-user, the global hand dryer market has been divided into hotels, food processing and food service, office buildings, healthcare, and others.

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The overall cost to keep a restroom clean is lowered when hand dryers are used; however, there is maintenance cost associated when using hand dryers. Hand dryers require power to operate. Locations that receive no power or experience a scarcity of power, along with rising power cost are hindering the penetration of hand dryers in these locations or regions. Furthermore, usage of hand dryer can lead to the spread of bacteria and other germs. All these factors hamper the global hand dryer market.

The report highlights major companies operating in the global hand dryer market, which include Dyson Ltd., World Dryer, Excel Dryer Inc., American Dryer, and LLC. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Bradley Corporation, Electrostar GmbH, SPL Ltd., Tashan Jie Da Electrical Co.,Ltd., and Palmer Fixture.


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