Industrial Vending Machines Market Technology Advancements and Demands 2019 to 2026

Press Release

Industrial vending machines enable organizations to adopt new, automated approach to maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) inventory management, thus optimizes their MRO spends. They help in automatic dispensing of MRO items and also enable automatic record keeping, thereby enabling MRO category managers in streamlining inventory management. End users usually source industrial vending machines from original equipment manufacturers, and are available in different types such as carousel vending and coil vending. Their use has lowered operational downtime, especially critical in the aviation industry. Internet of things (IoT)-enabled industrial machines are gathering steam among various end users. Powered by cloud technologies, they help end users track inventory in more secure and easier way.

In recent years, companies in the manufacturing and oil and gas industries are increasingly using industrial vending machines for personal protective equipment (PPE). They are also increasingly being deployed by manufacturing facilities in the aviation industry.

The report offers detailed assessment of key growth drivers and trends and presents a holistic view of the competitive landscape in the industrial vending machines market. The various insights and estimations help market participants get clear and in-depth idea of the evolution trajectories of the market.

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The rising need for reducing production downtime costs in organizations in various industry verticals is a key factor propelling the demand for industrial vending machines. The adoption of better inventory management approaches is rising in industries such as the manufacturing, aerospace, engineering services, and oil and gas industries. This is also aiding in the rapid expansion of the market. Constant technological advancements in industrial vending machines are improving their performance in MRO and inventory management. The advent of machines incorporated with RFID and cloud has created lucrative prospects in the global market. They are increasingly demanded by numerous manufacturing industries to keep a real-time visibility on the use and purchase of tools and equipment.

The global industrial vending machines market is gaining increasing momentum from the rising deployment of the equipment among small and medium-scale enterprises in various parts of the world. Moreover, this has picked up pace on account of the availability of machines on rental basis. Efforts of OEMs to develop customized industrial vending machines to meet the individual and specialized needs of end users are opening new, exciting avenues for market players to capitalize on. Furthermore, stringent implementation of regulations pertaining to employee safety in various countries is fueling the demand or industrial vending machines for PPE.


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