Channel-In-A-Box (Ciab) Market Dynamics Analysis 2017-2025

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Broadcasters from around the world are seeking affordable playout solutions that they can integrate easily into their existing workflows. They are willing to invest on the technology that will seemingly reduce the cost of playout systems and decipher complexities while enhancing reliability and performance in critical operations. 


Touted as the “next big thing” in master control automation, Channel-in-a-Box (Ciab) is the latest innovation that enables “playout automation” across graphics, switchers, servers, audio, routing, and channel branding into a single integrated software application. Playout automation is the technology of producing content by inserting logos, ingesting video, advertisement, and overlays before broadcasting it to the audiences on a pre-determined schedule. Owing to the recent advances, CiaB is regarded as one of the most potent mediums of generating revenue for the broadcasting company or the broadcaster. 


The key geographic segments of the channel-in-a-box market include North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Rest of the World (RoW). Among these regional segments, North America dominates the global CiaB market. However, during the forecast period, robust development in Asia Pacific and Middle East and Africa (MEA) will help the region to achieve fastest growth, outpacing the development rate registered by North America. 


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The report presents an executive level blueprint of the global channel-in-a-box market. It studies prevailing dynamics and analyzes the prospective trends to forecast refined growth projections for the market. Based on information sourced through scrupulous primary and secondary research, the study lays down the market growth drivers, restraints, and prospective opportunities. 


Overview of the Channel-In-A-Box (Ciab) Market


Robust industrial development in the last couple of years has triggered channel explosion, and has boosted satellite, mobile, and terrestrial delivery of content across the globe. Though increase in the number of content delivery platforms and services is noted, the number of audiences and the revenue generated by the industry has remained fairly stagnant. 


The global channel-in-a-box market is driven by the escalating demand for latest technology in-built with functionalities to gratify the requirement of powerful yet compact outboard unit among producers and engineers. Propelled by the latest developments, the global channel-in-a-box market is forecasted to register double digit CAGR between 2012 and 2017.


Since channel-in-a-box is a comparatively new technology, it can take some time for the CiaB products to evolve to a point where they can support the complex systems of broadcast channels. The market already has scalable, reliable, and cost-effective solutions, hence analysts consider it very early to predict the future of CiaB. Moreover, not many people are aware of the technology and companies selling Ciab often demand higher prices. Hence, the global channel-in-a-box market has become highly competitive. 

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Companies mentioned in the research report 


After remaining dormant for over a period of decade, CiaB is finally creating a buzz across the broadcasting industry. With prominent companies such as Playbox, Grass Valley, Harmonic, and Snell foraying into the market, the global channel-in-a-box market is expected to gain increasing revenue in the next five years. Business strategies and financial records of the key market players are evaluated in the report to present refined growth forecasts for the global CiaB market. 


Major geographies analyzed under this research report are: 

Europe North America  Asia-Pacific  Rest of the World 

This report gives you access to decisive data such as:

Market growth drivers  Factors limiting market growth Current market trends  Market structure Market projections for the coming years 

Key highlights of this report

Overview of key market forces propelling and restraining market growth  Up-to-date analyses of market trends and technological improvements  Pin-point analyses of market competition dynamics to offer you a competitive edge An analysis of strategies of major competitors  An array of graphics and SWOT analysis of major industry segments  Detailed analyses of industry trends A well-defined technological growth map with an impact-analysis  Offers a clear understanding of the competitive landscape and key product segments

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