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Global Japanese Sake Market Analysis, Growth, Global Trends, Opportunity & Forecast 2019 to 2024

Press Release Presents “Global Japanese Sake Market 2019 by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2024” New Document to its Studies Database

Japanese Sake has become very famous worldwide for its unique taste and flavor. This type of wine is commonly called rice wine and is made by fermenting rice. Most other forms of wine use the sugars present in fruits to ferment them to create alcohol. In this type, rice is brewed and the extracted starch is converted into sugars which will ferment the product finally. In Japan, sake is served in all homes and restaurants and it is also very commonly used in making several dishes. Globalization has ensured that people all over the world are able to taste specialty food and beverage from other parts of the world. This way, the popularity of sake has spread globally. Even now, any special occasion in Japan will have sake served in earthen or porcelain glassware.

There are different kinds of rice wine that is produced in Japan and exported to other countries. This report makes a detailed analysis of the different players who manufacture Japanese sake, the global export and import numbers, the risks and challenges in entering the market and the potential growth rate of the industry at present and up to the year 2024.  This report also talks in detail about the regional level of market and estimates which region will end up as biggest consumers for this amazing rice wine. The

Market Segment by Manufacturers


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Market Segmentation

There are 5 different types of Sake that this report deals with. Ordinary Sake, Junmai, Honjozo, Junmai Ginjo, and Ginjo are the types that people usually enjoy worldwide. Out of these, Junmai is very popular in the United States of America and other countries. In fact, it took up 30.5% of the total market volume in the year 2018. The report also concludes that Junmai Ginjo will take up more than half the market share in terms of volume in the year 2018.

Depending on the application, there are three categories that this report analyzes. They are Sake that is 20-40 years old, sake that is 40-60 years old and those that are more than 60 years old. There are also 12 key players discussed in detail in this report. The competitive landscape analysis, growth potential, new launches and developmental strategies of these companies are studied too.

Regional Analysis

North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, South America and the Middle East and Africa are the regions that are analyzed in this report. Out of these, it is estimated that Asia-Pacific will occupy the largest market share in terms of demand in the forecast period. The USA market will also grow considerably well.

Industry News

Go-Sake is a German Company that was founded in the year 2017. This brand has been trying to introduce Japanese sake to German customers for a while now. In September 2019, this brand announced its first vegan sake, called Weg-Sake. This brand has more than 400 flavors of sake and is looking to expand its sales channel in the coming years.

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