Increase In Awareness About Mycoses Drive the Mycoses Treatment Market During Forecast Period

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Global Mycoses Treatment Market: Overview

Mycoses are skin infections caused by fungi. These are primarily caused by three groups of fungi: dermatophytes, yeasts, and molds. Dermatophytes cause fungal infections on head and feet such as trichophyton and microsporum. Yeasts cause infections in the genital area, mouth, and esophagus. Examples of infection caused by yeast fungi include candida and pityrosporum. Molds are responsible for infection in internal organs such as aspergillus and lead to systemic mycoses. Systemic mycoses results in the spread of fungi via bloodstream to other organs, causing multiple organ failure. Itching, eczematous rash, lumpy & thickened skin, loss of appetite & weight loss, red skin patches, and fever are the various symptoms associated with mycoses. Mycoses are caused due to weakened immune systems i.e., immunocompromised state that includes patients with HIV/AIDS and patients treated with corticosteroids for a prolonged period. Other causes include poorly controlled diabetes, overweight, and any sort of contact with contaminated items such as clothes and towel. Tests used to diagnose mycoses include a general physical examination of the body, complete blood count, skin biopsy, flow cytometry, and immunophenotyping.

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Global Mycoses Treatment Market: Key Trends

Rise in prevalence of fungal infection, increase in awareness about mycoses, large population base, and technological developments are the major drivers of the global mycoses treatment market. Moreover, increase in adoption of mycoses treatment in emerging economies such as India and China is projected to propel the global mycoses treatment market. However, high investment in research and development and risk of side effects are the key restraints of the market.

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Global Mycoses Treatment Market: Segmentation

The global mycoses treatment market can be segmented based on type of fungi, treatment, and region. In terms of type of fungi, the market can be classified into dermatophytes, yeasts, and molds. Based on treatment, the global mycoses treatment market can be categorized into photodynamic therapy, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and drug medication.

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