Anti-skid Coatings Market is Expected to Expand at an Impressive Rate by 2025

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It is important for companies to look after employee safety at the workplace. Injuries due to slips and falls are a major source of accidents and death, especially at manufacturing sites. Such incidences at the workplace provide a big setback to employers and companies each year. Anti-skid coatings help companies save lives and look after the safety of employees. Negligence in using proper anti-skid coatings can also lead to loss of productivity, disabling injuries, etc. Besides being slid resistant, floor coatings serve other purposes as well. They help in cleaning floors. They are also glossy and available in attractive colors. Manufacturers of anti-skid coatings have started using epoxy and polyurethane coatings to provide grip to the surface. These materials also help in providing a bumpy effect to the surface.

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Before applying anti-skid coatings to a slippery surface, manufacturers of anti-skid coatings need to consider the traffic situation in a particular area before applying anti-skid coatings. Areas designed for heavy vehicle traffic require a more aggressive and durable surface than areas designed for foot traffic. Manufacturers also need to consider the contaminants that can affect the surface. For example, contaminants such as chemicals, acids, oils, grease, gasoline, food by-products, soaps and cleaning compounds, powders, and water can affect a particular surface. These contaminants pile up in certain areas. In such instances, anti-skid coating plays a vital role in providing protection to the surface. Increase in concern of safety of employees at the workplace and rise in the usage of chemical processes in industries to resolve skid issues are the major factors boosting the demand for anti-skid coatings market across the globe.

Based on product type, the global anti-skid coatings market can be classified into water based anti-skid coatings market and solvent based anti-skid coatings market. Water based anti-skid coatings are formulated to provide tough concrete seal against chemical penetration and physical deterioration of the existing concrete. Water based anti-skid coatings penetrate in clean concrete to provide maximum bondability. Water based anti-skid coatings also help provide tough finish that offers protection against dust, dirt, water, acid and alkali cleaners, alcohol, Skydrol, and brake fluid. Solvent based coatings provide decorative, durable, and safe coating to protect from injuries due to slippery surfaces. These coatings are generally used in industrial or commercial buildings.

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Based on application, the global anti-skid coatings market can be divided into industrial building, residential building, commercial building, marine, and others. Anti-skid coatings are mostly used in industrial buildings. In residential and commercial buildings, anti-skid coatings are generally employed to provide rich surface with attractive textures.

Based on geography, the global anti-skid coatings market can be segregated into Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. North America and Europe are the key regions of the anti-skid coatings market, led by the growth in concern for safety of employees at work place and increase in durability and shine of the flooring. Companies operating in the anti-skid coatings market in Asia Pacific and Latin America are investing significantly in research and development activities.

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Major players operating in the global anti-skid coatings market include Blackfriar, Teamac, Coo-Car, Polydeck, Global Surface Solutions, Slip Guard, and Paramelt B.V. These companies hold a significant share of the anti-skid coatings market. Thus, the anti-skid coatings market experiences intense competition.


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