Oxyfluorfen Market Will See Strong Expansion Through 2023

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Oxyfluorfen is a selective herbicide used to control certain grassy weeds and annual broadleaf in vegetables, fruit, cotton, ornamentals and on non-crop areas. Oxyfluorfen is a contact herbicide and light is required for it to affect target plants. Oxyfluorfen is available in granular formulations and emulsifiable concentrate. Vapors may cause irritation of the throat; nose and other forms may cause irritation to skin and eyes. Oxyfluorfen has a tendency to adsorb to soil particles and is insoluble in water. Once oxyfluorfen is adsorbed to soil particles, it is not readily removed. Oxyfluorfen is therefore unlikely to leach downward or to contaminate groundwater. Oxyfluorfen is stable under normal pressure and temperature, but poses a fire hazard if exposed to heat or flame. Oxyfluorfen may burn but will not readily ignite. Oxyfluorfen may form flammable or explosive dust-air mixtures. Goal, Koltar and RH-2915 are some of the common trade names of oxyfluorfen. Oxyfluorfen is registered for use in agriculture, amenity turf, lawns and forests among others. Oxyfluorfen works by hindering plant growth and penetrates leaves, stems and roots of unwanted plants and especially builds up in the growing tissues.

Increasing awareness of crop protection, adoption of high-end technologies and utilization of effective herbicides will be the key driving factors for oxyfluorfen market. In addition, shrinking arable land and shift in the farming practices will be other major influencing factors for oxyfluorfen market. Furthermore, increasing consumption of herbicides in emerging economies of Asia Pacific could boost demand for oxyfluorfen. However, some weed species have developed resistance to oxyfluorfen, which could hamper the growth of this market.=Asia Pacific, especially India and China, are the fastest growing markets for oxyfluorfen. Rapid urbanization and growing population has lead to increase in food production in emerging economies. However at the same time the falling ratio of arable land to population is a major concern for these economies.

The market is dominated by large and medium agricultural and chemical corporations. Some of the key players in oxyfluorfen market are Shanghai AgroChina Chemical Co., Ltd. (China),  Shandong Qiaochang Chemical Co., Ltd.(China), Chongqing Shurong Chemical Co., Ltd.(China), Jiangxi Tiansheng New Materials Co., Ltd. (china),  Sunking Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.(China), Shanghai Mingdou Chemical Co., Ltd.(China), Guangzhou Yishun Biological Technology Co., Ltd. (China), Nantong Runfeng Petro-Chemical Co., Ltd.(China),  Shanghai AgroChina Chemical Co., Ltd.(China), Monsanto Company (U.S), Syngenta AG (Switzerland), Arysta LifeScience (U.S.), Shenzhen Cropstar Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.(China), Hangzhou Tianlong Biotechnology Co., Ltd.(China), Dow Agrosciences (U.S.), E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company (U.S.) and BASF SE (Germany) among others.

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Companies are using aggressive marketing tactics to increasing their market share. In addition, companies are investing in research and development to develop new grades of oxyfluorfen. Dow Agrosciences manufactures oxyfluorfen under the brand names Goal and Goal 2XL. Goal is registered as a selective pre- or post-emergence herbicide for the control of broad-leaved weeds in numerous crops. Goal 2XL herbicide provides long-lasting postemergence activity on different types of broadleaf grasses and weeds, making it ideal for residual herbicide programs.


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